Rollins College contractor illegally threatened, surveilled workers ahead of union election, labor union alleges

Sodexo engaged in ‘objectionable conduct’ ahead of the election, according to a complaint filed with the NLRB by Unite Here

By McKenna Schueler

A food service contractor for a private liberal arts college in Florida illegally threatened and surveilled its employees ahead of a union election, according to the union Unite Here, which is calling on the federal labor board to scrap the election results — which turned out to be a narrow loss for the union. The workers’ employer, Sodexo, engaged in “objectionable conduct” ahead of the election, according to Unite Here, including allegedly threatening to fire a worker if they voted for unionization, organizing an anti-union rally, and promising food to workers after the election — with the implication that the food would serve as a reward for voting against unionization...

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