Best Of 2022

1st: Will's Pub,

2nd: Tori Tori,

3rd: The Guesthouse,

1st: Santiago's Bodega,

2nd: Kiwi's Pub & Grill,

3rd: Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen,

Best Bar Patio
Photo by Matt Keller Lehman

1st: The Wellborn,
A perfect spot for a sociable night out with friends, playing cards and sipping a Delaney Park Swizzle while sampling the Wellborn's new menu of "Floribbean" small plates. With a myriad of seating choices spread across a brick pavement, this enchanted patio fitted with mirrors hidden amongst hanging orchids and low-lying philodendron and ferns makes large groups or intimate outings equally comfortable.

2nd: Tuffy's Bottle Shop/Lounge/Music Box,

3rd: Eden Bar,

Best Bar Restroom
Photo by Matt Keller Lehman

1st: Tori Tori,

2nd: Mathers Social Gathering,

3rd: The Commission Beer Chamber,

1st: The Commission Beer Chamber,

2nd: Will's Pub,

3rd: Hourglass Brewing,

1st: Tabitha Bonner, Corona Cigar Co. & Diamond Crown Lounge,

2nd: Jenn Armas, Bowigens Beer Co.,

3rd: Mark Cavallini, Cavo's Bar & Kitchen,

1st: Celery City Craft,

2nd: GB Bottle Shop & Tasting Bar,

3rd: Hourglass Brewing,

1st: The Hammered Lamb,
Located across from Lake Ivanhoe, The Hammered Lamb lays out arguably Orlando's most extensive Bloody Mary bar. Try not to be overwhelmed when you're faced with the choice between good old Tito's or a vodka infused with either herbs, peppers, pickles, citrus or bacon, plus the roughly 75 items you can put in your drink (as a "garnish," LOL) including shrimp, veggies, cheeses and local hot sauces.

2nd: Maxine's on Shine,

3rd: Hamburger Mary's,

1st: GB Bottle Shop & Tasting Bar,

2nd: Redlight Redlight,

3rd: The Commission Beer Chamber,

1st: Southern Nights,

2nd: Will's Pub,

3rd: Casey's on Central,