Best Of 2022

Best of Orlando® 2022: Local Legends

Welcome to this year’s Best of Orlando issue. Like all the best superhero movie franchises, this one is bigger and bolder than ever, with tons of new categories and honorifics. More than ever with the state of the world, we all need leaders we can look up to, so we looked around at our city for the brave and the bold, the ones who stand out from the crowd.

But the real superhero this year is you, dear reader, who turned out in force — a league, a legion with impeccable taste if you will — to vote for all your favorite people, places, things, sounds, visions, tastes, drinks and experiences. Thanks for holding dear all the things that make the City Beautiful … ahem … super. Read on, and as some guy somewhere once said, Excelsior!

CONTRIBUTORS: Ida V. Eskamani, Alex Galbraith, Bao Le-Huu, Faiyaz Kara, Sarah Kinbar, Seth Kubersky, Jim Leatherman, Matt Keller Lehman, Anthony Mauss, Matthew Moyer, Melissa Perez-Carrillo, Daniel Rodriguez, Isaac Rosales, Nicolette Shurba, Eric Tegethoff, Jessica Bryce Young