Scenes from a parking lot

Indie Summer Fest
with Solillaquists of Sound,
Astronautalis, Bleubird, Sunbears,
Viernes, Yip-Yip, Telethon,
Great Deceivers, Band in Heaven,
SSLOT, 1991, Dr. Moonstien,
Silver Fleece, Not Them, D.P.,
Rabbit Rabbit, Madd Illz,
Christina Wagner,
Andy Matchett & the Minks,
the Haps, Crash the Satellites,
S.K.I.P. and more
noon, Sunday, Aug. 8 at the
Audubon Park Garden District

Any Orlandoan who's had even a passing conversation with local figurehead Swamburger of Solillaquists of Sound knows that he's an idea man. From the outlandish to the immediate, selfless to the self-promotional, the dreadlocked ball of energy never stops dreaming in widescreen. Even so, it would be worth a small fortune to be a fly on the wall when he came up with what the rapper has put together for the music community this weekend.

This Sunday's inaugural Indie Summer Fest brings together about 70 of Orlando's best, brightest and weirdest acts for a music festival/block party that celebrates our city's independent-minded artists on a handful of what can be charitably described as "stages." From the aromatic environs of Stardust Video & Coffee to the rollicking Big Daddy's Roadhouse and even a bakery (Blue Bird Bake Shop), Swam and his fellow organizers are turning the Audubon Park Garden District into South by Southwest for a day.

Naturally, S.O.S. are headlining along with several other stars in their orbit: songstress Kaleigh Baker, multi-instrumentalist S.K.I.P. (both from Swam's label, Second Subject Recordings), and local hip-hop princes like Madd Illz, Not Them, Rubox, Grey Matter, Rocwell, J-Biz, Red Simpkins, Tzarizm and Midaz, among others.

On the indie-rock side, Indie Summer Fest boasts some of the area's best, like Viernes, Telethon, Mirror Pal and Dr. Moonstien. Even Orlando's adopted sons and daughters Astronautalis, Christina Wagner and Sunbears will make an appearance.

With location, heft and ambition in its favor, Indie Summer Fest could prove that a music festival can be loose around the edges and local and still offer a great time. It's impossible to know until it happens, but one thing's for sure: It won't be short of big ideas.

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