Orlando rapper-producer Okito releases sequel to 2020 album ‘Dystopian Heart’

A masterclass in the artist’s ‘breaks and blues’ style

click to enlarge Okito finally returns with the follow-up to 'Dytopian Heart' - Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Okito finally returns with the follow-up to 'Dytopian Heart'
After making his solo debut in the thick of the pandemic with 2020 album Dystopian Heart, Orlando artist Okito finally returns with a follow-up.

While he’s been making cameos on others’ music, like TzariZM’s bold comeback this year (O.T.H.E.R.), Okito’s own space is where he really shows not just his many feathers but his full wingspan.

Across the 10 tracks of the recently released Dystopian Heart Vol. 2, Okito flexes his polymath bona fides as songwriter, singer, rapper and producer. Like his division of labor, Okito isn’t constrained by the boxes of genre either, and Dystopian Heart Vol. 2 furthers his self-coined “breaks and blues” style. But despite the neat and tidy term, his sound has even more scope and dimension than that.

Okito’s solo calling card is R&B with hip-hop attitude. On the new album, though, his style blending is more seamless than before. It’s a merger of R&B hedonism, hip-hop kick and island flair that’s now more gestalt than fusion. Add in Okito’s playboy swag and you’ve got the mark of a leading man here.

A finessed step forward, this album is a further solidification of one of the more distinctive figures to emerge from the Orlando hip-hop underground. Released on Okito’s own label Sky5,

Dystopian Heart Vol. 2 now streams everywhere.

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