Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser invites you to take a dip in the cooling waters of Cancer season

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser invites you to take a dip in the cooling waters of Cancer season
Illustration by Anna Cruz
If you spend time with me, I will most likely mention astrology at some point in our conversation. This is because there is an astrologer who has claimed full-time residence in my head. Nowadays, when I talk with friends, an omnipresent mystic shares karmic information about their dilemmas. I can no longer control this reflex.

“I’ve been depressed for weeks,” says a friend casually over some overpriced, locally roasted coffee. The astrologer tells me, “Well, of course he’s depressed, his moon is in the 12th house.” I hush the incessant voice and respond to my friend: “I’m so sorry, what’s going on?” The truth is, I want to tell him what I hear. I want to start speaking astrology but I am afraid to share. After my friend explains he has recently been through a pretty bad breakup, I ask, “So, is that why you are depressed?”

The astrologer says things to me that he is not saying. The whisper tells me that his relationship with depression is due to the placement of his moon. His moon is in Cancer in the 12th house. The whisper says loud and clear, “Poor kid, tough placement.”

“I always feel like shit. I think that’s why my girlfriend and I broke up, because I am a mess,” my friend continues. He looks sad for being sad. I can no longer fight the whisper and ramble, “Well, your moon is in Cancer in the 12th house, so your relationship with depression is complex. You’ve probably felt depressed your entire life.”

I pause and I look to him for a sign that it’s OK to continue. Nervously, I share what the whisper has been eagerly saying all along.

“All this sadness, all this fear and depression made you hyperaware and emotionally intelligent. You are not a superficial person. You are blessed in life due to your emotional range. You understand what’s really important. You have strong ethics and morals. There is nothing wrong with you, you just feel guilty to feel. It’s okay that you often feel sad, please forgive yourself. In your journey you will eventually use it as compassion and help many others. This breakup is NOT your fault.”

I speak for what feels like eternity. My friend looks at me with big, confused, watery eyes and steps away to order a second espresso. The voice inside my head finally shuts up. Good thing Orlando has decent coffee these days.

July Horoscope for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

This month we sink deep into the watery world of Cancer with the sun and new moon transiting this sign. As a water sign, Cancer energy offers a nice balance to your endless fire and passion. When Cancer sun and moon float in on cool waters, they bring a sensitivity and maturity that aids your logical brain. Aries is the sign of the lone wolf; Cancer is the sign of the home. These signs come together in how they offer self-protection and awareness around how they let others get emotionally close. The cooling sensation this month will bring out your biggest cheerleaders. You may find yourself either being your best supporter or supporting someone else. This moon will open you up to the emotional world, leaving you feeling capable of making some fundamental self-improvements or rather, inspiring others through your actions!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Clawing at your grounded, earthy feet this month is the Cancer crab. Both the moon and sun are transiting Cancer and if anyone can match the stubborn Taurus bull, it would be the crab. These signs surprisingly have a lot in common. The moon rules the sign of Cancer and it is exalted in the sign of Taurus. So, as Cancer transits, you will find yourself more connected to all things that are represented by the moon: emotions, family, compassion, mental perseverance, mother. This month with watery Cancer by your side, you may be feeling more inclined to seek out connection with family – either your adopted furry family, friends or your biological loved ones. Taurus really appreciates loyalty and stability (all qualities we desire in a family member) but is not a big fan of showing emotions. A Cancer moon and sun will bring a chance for you to seek out those close to you and share what’s been in your heart.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
As we move out of your ruling transits this past month (hope it was rad for you!), we flow into Cancer season. As you probably already know (since you read my monthly column), Cancer is a water sign, ruled by emotional depth. Due to this deep, empathic range, Cancers often have trouble communicating their feelings. However, it is your sun sign Gemini that rules communication. As the sun and moon transit Cancer, it is going to provide an opportunity for you to speak about your emotions – something you probably don’t like doing often. It’s not that you are unemotional; in fact, you are extremely self-aware of your feelings. However, Gemini is an air sign, ruling the mental world, so you speak from a place of logic. Cancer is full of heart and leaves little room for logic. These opposing energetic forces aid each other to help find balance. This month, give yourself a chance to open your heart space and remember, like any other muscle, flex it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
This month with the sun and moon in your ruling sign, sink your feet into deep waters. The heart and home are established here in this sign. Cancer is the 4th sign in the zodiac, a number which represents a home. (Look closely and you'll see that the symbol of 4 is similar to a child’s stick drawing of a house, if you adjust it slightly.) Your energy is similar to the enjoyments of a home. Simply, you are a creature of habit and enjoy routine comforts. However, for all of the emotional/sensitive stigma associated with Cancers, you are one of the most tenacious and independent signs in the zodiac. Your “crabby” mood swings are really just passion and seeking to live life to the fullest. This month is the perfect opportunity to go for exactly what you want. Whatever it is that you have been desiring, go out and do it. You are guided along your journey this month to reach all of your dreams.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
This month your zodiac neighbor, Cancer, is transiting the sun and moon. The emotional, watery energy of Cancer is on the cusp of your sun sign. In fact, Cancer is ruled by the moon and Leos are ruled by the sun. You guys are like the king and queen of the zodiac. Although the Cancer’s emotional nature is a familiar energy, you have better control when dealing with your feelings. For instance, Leos have no problem expressing how they feel, whereas Cancers often struggle to share. These signs individually control both the conscious (sun) and subconscious (moon) thought patterns. This month when Leo transits Mercury, the sign of communication, it brings many feelings and thoughts to the surface. It is like a yin and yang merging to help you release what no longer serves you through passive thought and positive action.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Virgo rules discipline. Cancer values hard work. When Cancer sun and moon shine bright this month, you will be feeling more grounded than usual at work or school. However, both signs rule worrying and you may not be able to keep your mind off daily concerns. Thankfully, due to your practical nature, Cancer will support this energy during its transit by asking you to be easy on yourself. Cancer offers compassion and it will seek self-exploration in an intuitive way. Your overanalytical mind can find self-love in a practical fashion and nurse your need for positive affirmation. When Venus (how we express love) transits the sign of Virgo it is considered debilitated in Virgo. However, I see this planetary mashup as a chance to give yourself the daily reminders you need in remembering how truly incredible and brilliant you are!

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Hold tight to your balance, Cancer water is about to get you to face your dark depths of indecision. Libra’s (especially Libra moons) are known for struggling with the challenge to make up their minds about something. Cancers are typically pretty sure of what they want (even if they have a hard time expressing it). When the sun and moon are transiting the sign of Cancer this month they ask you to answer your own indecision by really feeling what you want. Ruled by the moon, Cancers represent not only what we think but how we create our beliefs through what we feel. So, as you plan your coming months, take a moment to during this transit to sit in quiet meditation at one of Orlando’s many beautiful nature reserves or Buddhist temples and relax into your intuition.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This month the emotional Cancer sun and moon is swimming over in your muddy, deep waters. Water signs always naturally gel together and can intuitively feel what each other needs. Jupiter (the planet of luck) still sits in the sign of Scorpio and is going direct – no longer retrograde. This means that this month you will start to transform an area of your life. Cancer moon and sun ask you to look deep at your love life, your friendships and where you have been feeding your emotional energy. It brings deep comfort and with Jupiter sitting in your sun sign, you can cut out the negative thought patterns and feel grateful for all you have learned over the past year. This month you may find yourself in reflection and also proud of the emotional changes you have been working on. Jupiter going direct will aid in that process. You may find yourself unintentionally teaching friends this month (on an emotional level) through your recent experiences.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Cancer sun and moon is swinging cold waters in full blast this month. Cancer rules water, representing emotional nostalgia and the past. Sagitarrius rules fire, representing a pioneering spirit and the future. As Cancer moves in this month you may find yourself learning to embrace the past in a way that helps you make smarter, more intuitive future decisions. Simply put, this water will provide a chance for reflection in order to keep moving forward clearly. You are always constantly on the move, so take time to consider where you really want to go. As the optimists of the zodiac, both signs have a love for humor. This month you may feel inclined to be more playful and have a strong desire to release your emotions through laughter. Check out one of our many comedy clubs in Orlando or enjoy some improv this month!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This month the sun and moon is in Cancer, your polar opposite sign in the zodiac. This is a great pairing as it offers true balance in thought and action. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which represents hard work, stability and structure (think of this sign as similar to a dad), whereas Cancer is ruled by the moon and represents domesticity and home life (think of this sign as mom). This month you can find yourself immersed in a desire to find the right balance between work and home life. Or rather, work and play. Cancer is all about going with the flow, where Capricorn needs consistent structure and routine to feel secure. This energetic pairing is a perfect blend to help you see things from a larger perspective. Use this month to fully re-evaluate priorities at home and work and find that right balance – you deserve it.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
The new moon will begin in Cancer early this month helping you feel more aware of your intuitive nature. Aquarius is the free spirit of the zodiac, which at times can make them seem unaware or distant. Getting more grounded this month, Cancer will get you in touch with your “yin” side or intuitive nature. However, at the end of the month the full moon will be in Aquarius, along with Mars. This planetary combination will offer a boost in your work life in a good way, but it may manifest in the most unexpected ways. Aquarius is all about future thought and unique ideas. If you don’t feel a step up in your work life, sit down and use Cancer’s intuitive nature to start planning out your next steps in life. This transit is bringing all good luck and energy to fully think and feel what you want to create next. Expect a surge of untamed creativity to flow right in!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Hello darkness, my old friend: Cancer's come to talk with you again. Both the moon and sun will be transiting Cancer until the end of the month. These water signs, when combined, will boost your naturally psychic and intuitive gifts. This month you may find yourself feeling more sensitive than ever. You may want to avoid large, crowded places and seek more downtime by natural spring waters or head out on a boat. With all this charged emotional energy, you could benefit from a visit to one of Orlando’s metaphysical stores like Spiral Circle or Avalon. You can use this sensitive moon to aid you in your naturally spiritual gifts.
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