Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes is hosting another white nationalist conference in Orlando during CPAC

click to enlarge Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes is hosting another white nationalist conference in Orlando during CPAC
photo by Dave Decker

If the Republican Party ever bothered to examine the company they keep, the number of white nationalist offshoots that crop up everywhere they put down stakes might give them pause.

That is to say, local shitbird Nick Fuentes is once again using the occasion of CPAC in Orlando to host a white nationalist gathering. [Ed. note: See update at end of article.] uentes' America First Political Action Conference is getting together once more, and a look at this guest list makes it seem they're being far less secretive about it this time around.

The AFPAC website shows a roster that includes cruel monster and Fox News mainstay "Sheriff" Joe Arpaio, Arizona state Sen. Wendy "Buy More Ammo" Rogers, and former congressman Steve King.

Normally, the way to deal with nuisances like this is to leave them entirely in their dank, dark little world and give them nothing but crap. Unfortunately, that's how you grow a fungus, and Fuentes and his ilk are nothing if not little toadstools with Hitler Youth haircuts.

Besides, Fuentes will likely make his presence known at the main event when he gets tired of goose-stepping or runs out of pizza rolls. The Holocaust denier caused a disturbance at last year's CPAC, dropping homophobic rhetoric on the convention floor until police walked him out to his hooting, ignorant friends. If he wasn't wearing ASOS' middest suit, the Mountain Dew showers would have been something to see. 

Ed. note: Nick Fuentes' publicist? attorney? gamer buddy? spokesperson "Supertrent" (no last name) emailed us over the weekend to request that we retract the appellation "Neo-Nazi" when referring to Fuentes. Fuentes and America First are self-professed racists, homophobes, ableists and Holocaust deniers ... whereas Nazis were racist, homophobic, ableist Holocaust creators.

Last summer outside the Dallas CPAC, Fuentes said, "I'm off Twitter, I have nothing to lose. This is going to be the most racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying speech in all of Dallas this weekend," as a small group of supporters around him cheered. Fuentes says he is against all immigration, legal or otherwise. In Orlando last year (and in most of his speeches and interviews), he is insistent that "America is a Christian nation." He affirmed to an interviewer on The Tab that he is "25 percent Mexican" and his "ancestors left Mexico to become Americans," adding, "I see no contradiction, and this is because I was raised by my parents as an American first."

So is the point of this retraction request "Uh, I was joking,
I just said it for clout" or "I'm unable to see myself in a mirror"?

Maybe this episode of Louis Theroux's "Forbidden America," filmed at last year's AFPAC in Orlando, will make it make sense to you. The distinction seems minimal to us. —JBY

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