Gov. Ron DeSantis calls protesting outside Supreme Court justices' homes 'an insurrection' during Fox News visit

The current model of government, created by Republicans and held up by credulous Democrats, doesn't actually do anything to make the average American's life better.

What we've replaced it with is a series of serotonin drips that occur when your side does something pointless to make the other side angry. Republicans can twist some liberal rhetoric into pretzels with a smarmy look on their face (see: the usage of reproductive rights language around the coronavirus masking debate), Democrats can make epic clapbacks on the House floor while every major social program withers and dies.

The latest case of this "you mad?" posturing came early this morning. Rather than addressing the state's dueling crises of housing affordability and environmental collapse, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was in the Fox News studios calling protesting outside a public officials' home "an insurrection" as the US Congress holds hearings on the rioters that stormed into the halls of the capitol on January 6, 2020.

"I think that we have a rule of law in this country and you don't get to just have a mob descend on a Supreme Court justices' house or try to impede the operations of government because there may be a decision you don't like," he said. "That would be considered an insurrection to stop a court from functioning and yet they seem to get away with a lot more than if the shoe were on the other foot."

DeSantis has already passed a law in Florida barring protest outside of homes, after neighbors of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh protested his home following the leak of a draft ruling overturning Roe.

During his Fox News stop, DeSantis was referring to abortion rights activists who planned a blockade of intersections around the Supreme Court in an attempt to halt a process which would overturn fundamental reproductive rights protections in the US. The fact that conservative actors attempted much of the same with traffic-snarling convoys in DC earlier this year doesn't matter.

There is no hypocrisy when your only political goal is to poke the other side in the eye.

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