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Best Theme Park Ride That's Not Even a Ride Yet: Star Wars Launch Bay

Best Theme Park Ride That's Not Even a Ride Yet

Star Wars Launch Bay

When Star Wars Land was announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios last summer, even casual Star Wars fans got excited about it. The prospect of 14 acres devoted to rides and attractions from everyone's favorite galaxy far, far away is something that plenty of people have been dreaming of for nearly 40 years. But Disney isn't exactly known for completing attractions in record time. Remember when the still-unopened Avatar attraction was announced for Animal Kingdom, way back when people actually gave a shit about Avatar? Thankfully, the Star Wars Launch Bay attraction opened up back in December to let fans check out life-size sets and props from the franchise, as well as interact with the likes of Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and Chewbacca. It may not be quite as much fun as a ride in the Millennium Falcon, but it definitely whets the appetite for more sights in the future. Plus, you can trade junk with Jawas for special droid parts, and there's nothing not fun about that.