Best Of 2016

Best Camera Care

Michael Livera at Kiwi Camera Service

1880 Kentucky Ave., Winter Park, 407-539-2731,

The general population of Orlando might not know that a certified camera-repair genius lives among us, but plenty of us who are photographically inclined are more than aware. Michael Livera is the man to see if your camera body or lens is malfunctioning (or simply needs a tune-up), not just for lucky locals but for photogs all over the country – Orlando pro shooters are in and out of the door, and equipment arrives by mail daily, keeping Livera head-down in his shop. But he comes up for air a few times a year to host a swap and sale, where you might find or trade for any manner of prized photographic item, from a 70-year-old Rolleiflex to a gently used light meter. No fear if you're a newbie, either; Livera is always willing to help educate an inexperienced enthusiast.

Best Place to Hoist 'em Up

Soma Intimates

460 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 407-618-1723, also 451 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, 407-670-1400,

Girls with big girls, Soma Intimates has your back (literally). If you think the only place to get a supportive bra that's also pretty is in your imagination, think again. More than 75 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, it's said, which can strain your back muscles and also your patience when you are trying to wear a cute dress without having grandma lingerie peeking out. Soma's fit specialists will get that rack properly stacked in the right cup and band size, no prob – several styles are even designed to minimize the dreaded "bra bulge."

Best TV Attorney Commercial Guest Star

John Morgan's dog, Emma the German Shepherd

Before we got a glimpse of the Morgans' German Shepherd, Emma, we legitimately thought John & Co. were just a bunch of litigation robots. Not so! The pooch served to humanize the group (Ultima Morgan even filmed a follow-up TV spot specifying that Emma was her dog, not John's – family drama!) and we'd be happy to see her more often. You could say we're "For the Puppy."

Best Marketing Moment

In Bloom's "Boys and Blooms"

An award for advertising might seem strange, but hey, these days we're so surrounded by it that we're just happy when it's showing us something we'd actually want to see. And that definitely applies to In Bloom Florist's celebration of boys and their flowers, featuring manly young men bedecked in wreaths and flower crowns. How does our garden grow? Silver bells, cockleshells and pretty boys all in a row.

Best Place to Help You Create Your Urban Farm

Horstmeyer Farm and Garden

115 N. Laurel Ave., Sanford, 407-322-1235,

You want to live off the land without moving to the country, but don't know where to start your foray into urban farming? Sanford's Horstmeyer Farm and Garden can help you pick out chicks for your city coop or ducklings for your pond or lake, all while giving you expert gardening and horticulture advice. The giant store has supplies out the yin-yang, from feeds and seeds to horse tack and farm implements, but many go simply to pick up fresh eggs, raw milk and unfiltered honey. Best of all, their friendly staff never fail to help load up your vehicle.

Best Stationery Store

Paper Goat Post

1215 N. Orange Ave., 407-207-1264,

Run by twins Megan and Cedar Watson, this delightful store should fulfill all your whimsical stationery and craft needs. These sisters are trying to bring the lost art of snail mail back to Orlando, one pretty piece of paper at a time. If you're looking for professional help to design and plan your event, look no further: These ladies got it!

Best Place to Buy a Project

Adjectives Market Unhinged

1200 E. Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, 321-203-2542,

You'll find plenty of beauties to up the pulchritude of your pad at the Adjectives Market locations, but if you're looking for a fixer-upper that just needs a little paint, a little stain, a little hardware to make it a gem (at a steal of a price), the Unhinged location in Altamonte Springs is where to go. Find dressers, chairs, art and more just waiting for a little TLC.

Best Shopping to Help Others

Orlando Strong T-shirt collection,

Post-Pulse, we were all looking for a way to help. Some gave blood, some gave time, and some helped by spending their retail dollars. Local printers Go Big set up a storefront for T-shirts and handled the printing, ordering, shipping and donation of proceeds to the GLBT Community Center of Orlando for any artist who contributed a design, including Secret Society Goods, Rhett Withey and our own Chris Tobar Rodriguez. (Since this is the Best of Orlando issue, not the Shittiest of Orlando issue, we won't mention the rampant art thievery, dubiously backed by actual donations, that flooded Etsy and Amazon with Pulse-related goods.) "Orlando Strong" was a real thing in those sad weeks – it still is – and we're so proud of the folks who rolled up their sleeves to help in all the small ways to create a United Orlando

Best Adult Coloring Book

Jen Jedlicka's The City Colorful

Two things that seemed to be uber-popular in the last 12 months: adults scribbling inside the lines as a form of stress relief, and Orlandoans stepping up to pay honor to their most beloved buildings – though too many of those have been getting bulldozed. Local artist Jen Jedlicka managed to hit both notes with perfect pitch in her book The City Colorful, 10 glorious pages of black-on-white line art that immortalize landmarks both gone and still standing. Want to make the College Park Publix purple? Goth up Beefy King in black and red? It's all within your power; all you need is a fistful of markers.

Best Spa to Lighten Your Stress But Not Your Wallet

Flower of Life Day Spa

1408 Gay Road, Winter Park, 386-931-9427,

You won't feel like just another body aching to be manipulated at Flower of Life Day Spa. Owner Christina Castine is as affable a millennial you'll meet, and knows how to mold her personality according to your needs (some like chitchatting during massages; others don't) but, ultimately, it's her fingers that do the talking. Feeling those rock-hard knots loosen under her pressure-filled digits is as pleasurable as it is relieving. She also does immaculate manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing, and is constantly running specials – her $120 Zen Package (one-hour massage, mani and pedi) is a fave.