This is a photo of an otter killing an alligator

Photographer Geoff Walsh captured this shocking event at the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in DeLeon Springs. Although it happened in 2011, only now has the Refuge deemed the public ready to see the unbelievable images of this deadly otter-on-gator violence.

Look at that otter. Look in its eyes. That's pure ice. Calculating, unfeeling. This otter couldn't drum up an emotion about his victim if he tried. He's done this before and he'll do it again, because that's just what an otter has to do in this gator-infested world. You give those gators an inch and they'll take a mile. Best to just drop the hammer before things get out of hand.

A friendly reminder from your local alt weekly: Hollywood has lied to you about otters. They are out for blood. Do not give them dog food if they come to your doorstep. Shoo them away, avoiding eye contact if possible. Otters can smell food, they can smell fear, and they will kill your child's pet alligator if you leave it tied up in the yard.

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