Orlando musician Zoya Zafar dazzles with new single ‘Tunnel Vision’

This gorgeous song returns to the direct acoustic intimacy of Zafar’s earliest work

click to enlarge Zoya releases new single "Tunnel Vision" with a very different sound - Photo by Ada Chen
Photo by Ada Chen
Zoya releases new single "Tunnel Vision" with a very different sound
Zoya Zafar’s voice has always been a beacon of warmth. It’s a soft spell that made her an immediate darling of Orlando’s indie cognoscenti when she emerged in the mid-2010s. Although that quality was always a constant, she’s experimented with its framing over the years, from bedroom minimalism to textured indie filters.

On brand-new single “Tunnel Vision,” however, Zafar’s singing and music coexist with perhaps the greatest fidelity seen yet in her career.

“Tunnel Vision” departs from the lo-fi effects that’ve come into Zafar’s sound in  recent years and returns to the direct acoustic intimacy of her earliest work. But between those nascent recordings and this new song, Zafar has ripened considerably as an expressionist. Gone are any hints of youthful affectation. In their place is a distilled resonance that exhales with a simplicity that’s confident in the hold of its gentle glow.

“Tunnel Vision” is a gorgeous song and everything about its production handles that virtue with deep respect.

Freshly streaming everywhere, “Tunnel Vision” is the first single off Zafar’s upcoming 2024 album.

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