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Best Local Album Recorded During Quarantine: TIE! The Pauses' 'Quarantunes' and Soulbase's 'Songs to Quarantine To'

Best Local Album Recorded During Quarantine

Another tie!

The Pauses, 'Quarantunes' & Soulbase, 'Songs to Quarantine To',

In the more naive early days of quarantine ("We should have this handled by summer, certainly") the three members of the Pauses remotely bashed out a joyous and ragged collection of covers of alt-rock anthems that shaped their musical DNA. Their version of Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta" has become downright oracular in the months since. Then there's young trip-hop soul project Soulbase, who crafted a shimmering, seductive brew of ethereal R&B-meets-new age fusion that simultaneously calms the anxiety buzz in the back of our brains and makes us lose time in a good way. Timeless songwriting that cannot be pinned down to a particular decade.