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Best Place to Swap Out Your Closet: Avalon Exchange

Best Place to Swap Out Your Closet

Avalon Exchange

745 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park


Most burgeoning cities have a lot of great options when it comes to fashion resale. So it's a good sign that Avalon Exchange, originally from Ohio, has opened their fifth location in the heart of Winter Park – now you can sell your threads to an audience that appreciates not only your eccentric style but also your thoughtful sustainability. They'll give you cash on-site, but chances are you won't make it out the door with it once you peek around at their incredible selection, so opt for the store credit. There's plenty of Supreme and Yeezy for your favorite hypebeast but also designer and professional gear for your friend with an actual job. Follow on Instagram if you're looking to secure Lululemon or American Apparel (RIP) before it hits the floor; that shit goes fast.