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Best Prescription for Living: The Sanctum Café’s bowls

Best Prescription for Living

The Sanctum Café's bowls

715 N. Ferncreek Ave., 407-757-0346,

Some people eat to live; some live to eat. The Sanctum Cafe is that rare restaurant that can keep both happy. The green and grain bowls tick every health-food box: organic, non-GMO, locally sourced, vegan, gluten-free; no preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils. (Obviously few things in life are 100 percent, but the Sanctum goes as far as it can on all of those fronts without getting cost-prohibitive.) On the other hand, the bowls assembled from such pure ingredients manage to be beautiful, filling and incredibly delicious – a riot of colors, textures and flavors. If food is medicine, we'll happily take ours.