The deleted Instagram posts from the cast of MTV's 'Siesta Key' are somehow worse than the show

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click to enlarge The deleted Instagram posts from the cast of MTV's 'Siesta Key' are somehow worse than the show
Photo via MTV
MTV's cringeworthy new "reality show" Siesta Key debuted this week, and while it might be the most painful thing to watch on television, it's actually not as painful to look at as a few of the cast members' Instagram accounts.

Unsurprisingly, the cast of Siesta Key have already purged their social media accounts of just about anything remotely controversial. The main character, Alex Kompothecras, scorched his Instagram so hard that if you scroll down just a few posts you'd think he was a 12-year-old kid last week.

But none of this really matters. The Internet has the miraculous ability to never forget, and whatever is posted never goes away. The Facebook page BoycottSiestaKeyMTV has been archiving all of these posts, and they're incredibly damning.

Take, for example, Alex's cousin Pauly, aka Pauly Paul, an aspiring DJ and producer who once shared a post showing a receipt from a meal at Miller's Ale House in Sarasota in which, instead of a tip, he left his server a smiley face and a free guest pass to a gym.

To make matters worse, the caption reads "The waiter was fat an lazy so this is the tip I left" followed by memorable hashtags like #ImSoHighRightNow and #LoseWeight #Fatty.

There are also posts of showing a pile drugs and another where he appears to be snorting cocaine. But of course, this account is completely gone now. However, you can still follow Pauly at MTVpaulypaul.

Then there's Alex Kompothecras' Instagram account, which somehow manages to be much much worse. Here's a post showing a dead hammerhead shark...

And another where someone is popping off a few rounds into a shark...

Here's one where someone's allegedly pouring beer into a dog's mouth through a bong...

And here's another that at first doesn't look so bad, but check out the hashtag at the bottom... 

It was recently discovered through social media posts that Kompothecras is friends with Michael Wenzel, of the now viral shark-dragging video. There's even a post where he can be seen on the same fishing boat as Wenzel.

Of course, Kompothecras has since denounced Wenzel's actions and even his own past behavior. "There are images of me harming some animals and I feel horrible," Kompothecras explained in a recent interview with People. "I am embarrassed and it won’t happen again."

The thing is, Siesta Key is supposed to be a glimpse into the sun-washed life of swimsuit-wearing socialites on a Florida barrier island. But after all the editing, voice-overs and EDM-packed soundtracking, it's still devastatingly bland and unauthentic.

Unfortunately for the show's producers, who apparently failed to adequately vet any of the cast members before printing a contract, the off-camera actions are far more interesting than the show, and will arguably garner more eyeballs.

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