Police Beat

Feb. 17

(2010-79686) 8:25 p.m.: If you go to the Elephant Bar on Conroy Road, take your car inside with you. Otherwise it might get broken into, as the cars of two women did.

Feb. 18

(Orange County Sheriff's Office): Sheriff's deputies and two other agencies hit a house in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Winter Garden where they found two meth labs in 2008. Those crazy meth-makers were at it again, but this time they couldn't get a sitter: Police charged five adults and picked up an 18-month-old kid.

(2010-80145) 2:29 a.m.: Police saw a broken window at Central Orlando PC on Orange Avenue, spotted a guy going down Gore Street with two laptop bags, and put their observations together.

(2010-80206) 3:45 a.m.: Go Greyhound (from the station on North John Young Parkway), and leave the mugging to the guy who ran off across the road.

(Kissimmee Police Department) 9 a.m.: A man exchanged a peremptory note for money at CenterState Bank on South John Young Parkway. Police suspected a guy who'd just gotten out of prison a month before, after doing nine years on robbery charges. They sent SWAT to Bay Club Circle Apartments with a search warrant that afternoon, and "the warrant was served without incident" — because the guy wasn't there.

(2010-81288) 5:45 p.m.: A man was chilling in his kitchen in the 500 block of South Summerlin Avenue when another guy strolled down his stairs and into the room. He casually told the resident that he was on crack, then left.

Feb. 19

(2010-82526) 1:30 p.m.: Sometimes police work is so tough: Cops arrested a guy for "burglary to a conveyance" — when they found him already sitting inside an unmarked Osceola County Sheriff's vehicle at City View Apartments on West Church Street.

Feb. 20

(2010-83607) 2:30 a.m.: A man at Club Rain on South Kirkman Road got slugged and robbed of his keys, and watched as someone else drove off in his Toyota Camry. Maybe this is Toyota's new recall policy.

(2010-83654) 5:21 a.m.: Homeless guys can ride LYNX buses all day, unless someone else sees they're packing a handgun. Then they make an unscheduled stop at the corner of North Orange Blossom Trail and Amelia Street.

(2010-83807) 8 a.m.: Somebody came in through a hole in the garage door at Bright Future Electric on South Semoran Boulevard and took 15 rolls of electrical wire.

(2010-84058) 12:16 p.m.: In the 900 block of Romano Avenue, a 27-year-old man snatched a child's pink mountain bike from a screened patio. It wasn't sufficient for a getaway, however; the homeowner followed, grabbed him and held him for the cops.

(2010-84319) 4:31 p.m.: The security guard at Belmont Apartments on Park Central Drive got held up by two guys who hit him in the mouth and took his wedding ring.

Feb. 21

(2010-85478) 8:30 a.m.: Someone took a Glock .40-caliber from the unlocked glove box of a Lexus in the 3200 block of Landtree Circle; the car door may have been unlocked. See how guns provide security?

(2010-84287) 1 p.m.: A guy going into Florida Hospital South on West Arlington Street to see his girlfriend got punched by a guy with a black handgun. Jealous, perhaps?

(2010-85909) 5 p.m.: Two old-fashioned bikes, worth $300 each, were snatched from in front of a house in the 1500 block of Orangewood Avenue. A 14-year-old boy was soon spotted on one and arrested.

Feb. 22

(2010-86716) 2:10 a.m.: Three guys, one shirtless, kicked open an apartment's front door in the 1500 block of South Kirkman Road. But then their courage failed them; when they saw the apartment was occupied, they ran.

(2010-87385) 9 a.m.: In the previous two days someone took two computers from Destiny Foundation on West Michigan Street, including one specially designed for the deaf.

(2010-87203) 9:30 a.m.: Somebody got in an upstairs window at J&P Enterprises on West Grant Street and took a desktop and a Magic Jack phone system. "This is the second burglary to the business in the month of February," Officer Danielle Khoso says.

(2010-87409) Noon: A burglar broke a sliding glass door in 4900 block of Sanoma Village and took a laptop. Big day for computer theft.

(2010-88072) 8 p.m.: A pit bull was attacking people in the 4200 block of Solomon Drive. Police couldn't catch it, and it tried to attack them, so they shot it.

Feb. 23

(2010-88598) 1:45 a.m.: Today's fortune: If you break into China Star on North Orange Blossom Trail, you'll only get $14.50 from the register.

(2010-89030) 9 a.m.: Everybody watch out. I mean it. Thirty-three guns were stolen from Buffalo Bill's Shooting Store on North Mills Avenue. Four were black-powder guns, but the haul also included two AK-47s and an SKS. Maybe two dozen boxes of ammunition are missing too.

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