Letters to the editor: Readers react to Gov. DeSantis’ proposed ‘Stop W.O.K.E. Act’

Letters to the editor: Readers react to Gov. DeSantis’ proposed ‘Stop W.O.K.E. Act’

¶ Don't fix it if it ain't woke

Last week, Gov. Mo DeSantis tossed another few gobbets of red meat to his base, when he teased a law to be discussed in the January 2022 legislative session that would allow parents to sue schools that teach critical race theory. It would also prohibit colleges and universities from hiring diversity, equity and inclusion consultants, who he says promulgate "corporate-sanctioned racism." The name of this delightful bagatelle? The "Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees Act," or Stop W.O.K.E. Act. OK, crazy!

@Jason Darrough: He's creating a false narrative to fundraise and create more division. When instead, he should bring people together.

@Liz Miller: Let me get this straight. Ron DeSantis wants to "protect America's history," by preventing schools from teaching American history.

@Dave Hardison: For someone who claims to be against "cancel culture," he sure is trying to cancel some of his culture.

@Annette Marionneaux Stevenson: Ron DeSantis spends too much time dividing people. He is following Trump's playbook. This is tiresome.

@Amanda Lowrey Reseburg: None of this is actually being taught in schools ... but can I ask what the hell Republicans are afraid of? Are they just walking around thinking that the discovery and establishment of our country, and the past generations, have been hunky-dory? Free from slavery, abuse, rape and the stealing of Native lands? Are they saying none of that happened and no one knows about it? I don't get it. It happened, and part of our history is learning about that ... coming to grips with past sins so we can learn from them and not repeat them. What are they afraid of? That our true history isn't kind to white people? Um ... well ... no, it's not. Doesn't make it something we should sweep under the rug and ignore. Shoving kids' heads with revisionist history of brave Columbus and the misunderstood "kind" slave owners. You can't believe any of that is accurate, right? Right?

@David Westgate: Great, another lawsuit defended with our tax dollars that will fail.

@Minna Alstein: What happened to keeping government out of people's lives? Teach true history and educate our kids. It can be done the right way.

@Patrick Scott Barnes: A racist trying to please the racists who voted for him. He better watch out. Just like with his buddy Trump, some white dudes might turn on his ass.

@Levi Hoffman: I have only recently learned of CRT because of these people trying to ban it. So in effect the people who are against CRT are actually the only ones currently teaching CRT.

@Jamie Meagher: Another "solution" to a nonexistent problem. Opposition to CRT means one of three things: either you're racist, you don't understand CRT, or in Ron's case, you totally understand it and will use it to pander as long as it works.

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