Ian Grey rules

Ian Grey: My compliments to you on a sterling, insightful and accurate review of Jarhead `"Bull devil jacket," Nov. 3`, and an equally accurate off-hand review of American Beauty and Road to Perdition. You very adeptly point out how Mr. Swofford's memoirs reflect deep, personal issues that deliver a skewed and imbalanced perspective of the Marine Corps and the military in general, and lead this film down a terrible path. My perspective with regards to this film is unique in that I am a retired vet and an experienced and accomplished motion picture cameraman and cinematographer.

I have worked with/for some of the finest cinematographers and directors in the industry. I know that our military is a microcosm of our society, which (quite intentionally) Jarhead clearly does not portray. Mr. Swofford's "issues" rang true for `Sam` Mendes, and he could only propel and exacerbate them to the max, masquerading as an "accurate" perspective to he average Joe, and as art to the rest of us. An opportunity to say war is hell in an artful and meaningful way, missed.

Randal Feemster, via the Internet

No, Ian Grey sucks

Having been a "jarhead" and coming from a family of "seagoing bellhops" (as my girlfriend's dad calls the Marines he served with when he was a squid in the Navy in WWII), I read Anthony Swofford's Jarhead when it came out in 2003. I had a number of friends who were still in the Green Machine during Gulf War part uno and was curious to see how Swoff's stories measured up to theirs. So, I've been looking forward to seeing this movie for some time. Now I read a review from some no-nad named Ian Grey `"Bull devil jacket," Nov. 3`, who apparently isn't even aware of where this story takes place. Please have your film "critics" at least read up on their history before they attempt to review a movie.

For Ian's reference, the line, "After a while, the jarheads discover the Iraqi oil drills that have been set ablaze," didn't occur. (He obviously didn't read the book upon which the movie was based. And, for those of us who've worked years in the oil patch, what is an "oil drill" anyway?)

The Iraqis set fire to Kuwait's oil wells as they retreated across the desert sands. Had it not been for the fact that the media made such a big stink about "the highway of death" when the Iraqis fled out of Kuwait City and the Air Farce caught them out in the open, we would have been on to Baghdad before King George I reeled us in and there wouldn't be a Gulf War part duh going on now.

Tell Ian to get his shit together, wire it tight and get it right the next time. Morons like him need to check their six quite often before they get hit by that deuce-and-a-half coming up behind them.

Don Davis, via the Internet

But Steve Schneider rules

The article was priceless `"We I.D.," Dog Playing Poker, Nov. 3`. It is both comforting AND refreshing to see a member of the media choose not to jump on the sex-offender hysteria wagon. I belong to SOhopeful International which is working to educate the public about how these laws are adversely affecting families, and most importantly, not protecting children as well as offer effective and constructive solutions, but we could never do it in such a witty manner that points out the utter ridiculousness of the current wave of "feel good" and worthless ordinances and restrictions sweeping Florida and the nation.

Misty Lazar, via the Internet

Yes, he does

Just wanted to comment on your column `"We I.D.," Dog Playing Poker, Nov. 3`. It is good to bring a bit of levity to a horrible situation. It would be an answer to prayer if more of society could see how ridiculous these laws they are passing are. Maybe you could publish some truth about sex offenders, recidivism rates, positive effect of treatment, negative effects of banishment.

Cheryl Griffiths, Lehigh Acres

[email protected]
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