RIP, Club Juana

I enjoyed your article very much, but I felt that it didn't truly capture the last night `"Requiem for a strip club," July 13`. The sign seemed brighter that night, as if it were the only place to go. When I entered there were numerous empty tables marked "reserved" so I got a seat next to the stage. There were a few girls that I would rate less than a 10, to say the least, but I was happy to experience a bit of Florida history before it was all gone.

I sat sipping a Mudslide while the girls strolling across the stage seemed to get more and more beautiful.

As the evening went on they announced Penthouse Pet Alex Taylor would be on soon, so I became more and more intrigued. Then the curtain came down. I realized this was something special. Wondering and waiting, the suspense was biting at me. Then the curtain came up and I was stunned to see Alex Taylor, a voluptuous blonde in leather and a cowgirl hat, enter the stage. She gave one of the best performances to ever grace the stage. It's a shame that this performance marked her retirement, as I had hoped she'd return for the new location's grand opening. But she certainly went out on a high note.

After dancing the best jig I've ever seen to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," she danced with a sheet and strobe light. I was shocked at the worst possible choice of photos published in Orlando Weekly from that dance. Then she got in a kiddie pool and poured lotion and water all over in a very sensuous display. Then she toweled off and danced around getting tips. I slowly pulled a dollar from my stash to give to her. It was thrust into my mouth and she grabbed it with her breast. The girl sitting next to me just wanted to hand it to her, so Alex undid the girl's top and grabbed it from her breast! Then a girl behind me cracked up because I was watching so intently. As if I'd look away. I certainly hope Mr. Pinter gets a good new location for Club Juana. The city would be losing a very special part of Florida history and culture. My only regret is that I didn't get to see "Macbeth in the Buff," as a Shakespeare enthusiast and adult video producer I would have enjoyed that.

Ben Gfrorer, via the Internet

Fightin' words

My name is Emily Carter. I am 13 and in the 8th grade at Hamilton County High School. I take pride in where I come from, the South and Jasper. I get very angry when people like you make those places seem like "crapholes" as you call them `"I'm going to Jasper," June 8`. The way you portrayed Jasper and Hamilton you made the people who live there like trash. We are not trash! We may be redneck, but not trash!

Maybe you should have spent some time with the younger crowd who have fun in Jasper, who go to the river and party hard or go swimming at the local swimming hole. We love being from Hamilton County. You might have thought I was sweet in my other letter I wrote. But I am very angry so I think I have a right to tell you that I am and I think you have figured that out! Well I think I have made my point.

Emily Carter, via the Internet

Same old, same old

As a former Jasperite, I read your article with interest when it was passed along to me at our family reunion in nearby Live Oak `"I'm going to Jasper," June 8`. My mother-in-law was born and raised in Jasper. My relationship with Jasper began in 1967 when my father was transferred from Lakeland to Jasper to work for Occidental Chemical Company (now PCS Phosphates). Your article is correct in nearly every aspect. Jasper isn't much different than it was in the '60s other than a few new buildings. We were in Jasper last weekend and not much has changed at the house we lived in. Thanks for a look back.

Dan Hodge, via the Internet


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