Giant 11-acre pool planned for Lake Nona proves that Orlando really is Sim City

Giant 11-acre pool planned for Lake Nona proves that Orlando really is Sim City
San Alfonso del Mar's Crystal Lagoon, via wikipedia

The Orlando Business Journal reports today that Tavistock Development has partnered with a company called Crystal Lagoons to construct a recreational "mega lagoon" in the Lake Nona area. The lagoon, which will be big enough for people to paddle board, kayak and sail in, will cover 11 acres, and it'll be similar to lagoon projects that exist in exotic locales like Cabo San Lucas and San  Alfonso del Mar in Chile (in 2020, there should be a massive on in Dubai, as well). The Crystal Lagoons are basically crazy-big swimming pools designed to create beachfront property wherever a developer chooses to put it – the company's website notes that it can bring an "idyllic beach life to locations previously unimagined." The pools – which is what they are, and they even include massive liners that contain the water, so you aren't touching any actual organic bottom when you're in them – are remotely operated (by elves?) from a mysterious central location, which monitors water quality and mechanics, keeping them crystal clear and pristine-looking.

Sounds like an environmental nightmare, we know, but the company insists that its pools are sustainable and eco-friendly, using less water than a typical golf course and fewer chemicals than most traditional pools would use. How can it be? See for yourself the new bit of witchcraft for rich people that's coming to Orlando.  

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