Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' shows what happens when a Midwestern Gen Z-er takes a job in the City of Light

Streaming premieres to binge this week

Lily Collins in 'Emily in Paris'
Lily Collins in 'Emily in Paris' Photo courtesy Netflix

Premieres Wednesday: American Murder: The Family Next Door – Chris Watts is already serving five life sentences for the 2018 murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters. But if this true-crime documentary uncovers compelling new evidence, who knows? Maybe he'll get slapped with a sixth! (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday: Good Morning, Verônica – Brazil brings us a suspenseful new series about a police clerk who investigates a seedy world of dating apps and suicide. Which are two things I associate with each other even at the best of times. (Netflix)

Revenge of the Ghoul Log – Tune in 'round the clock to see the face of a perpetually grinning jack-o'-lantern looking back at you. (And you were worried the pandemic would make it hard for Tom Cruise to find work.) (Shudder)

Scare Me – Writer-director Josh Ruben and The Boys' Aya Cash portray authors who try to one-up each other with scary stories. Which I guess is what you do when you can't afford Gucci. (Shudder)

Premieres Friday: Dick Johnson Is Dead – This documentary follows a dementia patient who allows his daughter to dramatize the many scenarios in which he might meet his reward. Although that title would also make a great tagline for an ED medication. (Netflix)

Emily in Paris – The latest series from Sex and the City creator Darren Star poses the question "What happens to a Midwestern Gen Z-er when she takes a job as a social-media manager in Paris?" Answer: More than's ever going to happen to you, Failure-Face! (Netflix)

Song Exploder – Another podcast-turned-series, this one exploring the creation of classic tunes by the likes of Alicia Keys, R.E.M. and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yeah, I was just thinking we hadn't heard much from him recently. (Netflix)

Vampires vs. the Bronx – Saturday Night Live director Oz Rodriguez presents a comedy series about Bronx residents who try to prevent vampires from doing to their borough what white people did to Brooklyn. I don't know, guys; have you tried that artisanal Type O? (Netflix)

You've Got This – Mexican-made comedy, with a financially successful husband and wife unable to agree if it's time to have children. Meanwhile, most married couples I know are debating whether it's time to have Mexican. (Netflix)

Premieres Sunday: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet – The legendary globe-trotter headlines a nature doc that weighs mankind's chances of avoiding extinction. Something tells me the odds will seem a lot slimmer if you watch it after You've Got This. (Netflix)

Premieres Tuesday: Black Box – In the first of eight diversity-minded thrillers produced by Blumhouse and Amazon Studios, a single dad has to navigate both parenthood and amnesia after he loses his wife and his memory in a car accident. Come to think of it, that's an excuse that could have gotten Chris Watts down to triple life. (Amazon Prime)

The Lie – The second of those Blumhouse/Amazon originals finds a mom and dad distraught after their teenage daughter admits she's committed murder. Listen, it could be worse: She could be listening to "WAP." (Amazon Prime )

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