On pairing high quality bourbon with ... Girl Scout cookies?



Like Christmas, Girl Scout cookies come but once a year. If you're anything like me, you make a habit of hoarding the best ones for months and having a shank at the ready at all times to take care of anyone who comes near them. I am serious about my Samoas. And, yes, they are still Samoas, even though the box sometimes says Caramel deLites. I do not accept this name change.

The folks over at The Bourbon Review have appealed to both the cookie-loving kid and the alcohol-loving adult in me by coming up with a delicious list of bourbon and Girl Scout cookie pairings. Of course, I scrolled immediately to the Samoas, and found the little bites of heaven paired with the cinnamon and brown sugary Angel's Envy Rye, which is aged in rum casks.  I could totally see how that would work with the caramel and coconut combination. In fact, I may need to conduct an immediate taste test.

After I wiped the drool off my chin, I savored the rest of the list. You guys, this list is filled with some excellent suggestions. I could really get behind the Shortbreads paired with the complex, aged for 20 years Pappy Van Winkle's. And the Peanut Butter Patties with the Johnny Drum. And the ... well, you get the picture.

Check out the entire list to see which bourbon they paired your favorite Girl Scout cookie with. Then, if you didn't hoard your Girl Scout cookie stash like me, stock up on the high dollar bourbon now and start the waiting game until the once-a-year-only cookies are available in your area again. 

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