Best Of 2023

We've tried many different boba shops throughout the Orlando area, and Krave Tea continues to take the cake (or the tapioca pearl, in this case). A favorite is their classic black sugar boba milk tea: The warmth and sweetness of the boba paired with the refreshing milky tea is a combo that has us "Krave"-ing this drink over and over again.

Best of Orlando: Food and Dining

Best of Orlando: Food and Dining
Best Restaurant Overall
Photo via Prato/Facebook

1st: Prato,

2nd: Maxine's on Shine,

3rd: The Strand,

Henry Moso
photo by Faiyaz Kara
Henry Moso

1st: Henry Moso, Kabooki,

2nd: Patrick Story, Hollerbach's German Restaurant,

3rd: Fabiano Olmo, Maxine's on Shine,

Best Wait Staff
Photo by Rob Bartlett

1st: Maxine's on Shine,

2nd: Prato,

3rd: Gnarly Barley,

Gideon’s Bakehouse
courtesy photo
Gideon’s Bakehouse

1st: Gideon's Bakehouse,

2nd: Se7en Bites,

3rd: The Glass Knife,

Best Barbecue Restaurant
Photo via 4 Rivers/Facebook

1st: 4 Rivers Smokehouse,

2nd: Pig Floyd's Urban BBQ,

3rd: Smoke and Donuts,

1st: DaJen Eats,

2nd: Island Thyme Caribbean Grille,

3rd: Singh's Roti Shop,

1st: Hawkers Asian Street Food,

2nd: Peter's Kitchen China Bistro,

3rd: Taste of Chengdu,

1st: Foxtail Coffee Co.,

2nd: Lineage Coffee Roasting,

3rd: Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar,

1st: TooJay's Deli,

2nd: Linda's Winter Park Diner (closed),

3rd: Shakers American Café,