Best Of 2015

Best Shop for the GQ Reader: Cloak & Dapper

Best Shop for the GQ Reader
1219 N. Orange Ave., 407-250-6783,

The male cliché of the food-stained-T-shirt-wearing slob is pretty much over. Even those millennials who wear skate shoes to work instead of ties make sure it’s just the right pair of skate shoes, and a grown man is always going to gravitate toward well-cut apparel, preferably made here in the United States of America. Cloak and Dapper owner Calvin Cearley is one such man, and he’s preaching to a local choir of guys who love plaid shirts, raw denim, leather work boots and barbershop razor cuts. Brothers are doin’ it for themselves here, with a tight collection of clothing, accessories and grooming products – there’s no longer any excuse for boring board shorts, ragged shoelaces or an ill-groomed beard when Cloak and Dapper is right there in the Ivanhood.