Best Of 2013

Best Endangered Dining

Free-range food trucks and hot dog carts

Remember how excited everyone was when the food truck trend finally hit Orlando? It was fun – we could pick up gourmet meals on the fly, get empanadas outside our favorite bars, stumble across new culinary delights around practically every corner. Naturally, though, the city just had to do something about all of that good feeling and entrepreneurial spirit. So in May, the City Council passed a “temporary use permit” pilot program for the trucks, which didn’t just require new permitting for anyone who wants to sell food as a mobile vendor in the city – it also restricted the trucks from doing business in certain areas of town altogether, made it so that they can’t do business on city streets or sidewalks unless they’re in concession with the city, required them to have notarized letters from private property owners expressly stating that they have permission to do business in private parking lots and, in general, made it a whole lot harder to make a living by selling food from a truck. Way to support small business, Orlando.