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Best Wakeup Juice

Café con leche at Zaza New Cuban Diner

3500 Curry Ford Road

There are precious few things that Miami gets right. South Beach is OK, we guess, if you’re into fake tits and fake people and overpriced espressotinis. Other than that, no thanks. Except for the food, that is – specifically, the wonderful, and wonderfully affordable, Cuban food. And nowhere in Orlando replicates that cuisine quite as well as Zaza New Cuban Diner: the quesitos, the medianoche, the lechon asado. It’s all pretty fantastic, but do yourself a favor while you’re there: grab a large coffee con leche. This exquisite concoction – it’s just espresso, steamed milk and sugar, but (trust us!) is very difficult to do correctly on your own – has the juice to get you going better than Dunkin’ ever could. More important, it’s absolutely bursting with flavor, perhaps because Zaza’s coffee is roasted just down the road in Longwood. No one in town – or outside of Miami, so far as we’ve found – does it better.