Best Testosterone Booster Supplements [2021 Update]

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When you come across the word testosterone, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the "male hormone." Well, there's some truth in the fact that testosterone is a male hormone. But the thing is, testosterone is not limited to just men.

As a man or woman, you have testosterone in you, and it plays a similar role in everyone. For one, it facilitates the growth of lean muscle and improves muscle tone. But that’s not all. Testosterone might also help you improve your sexual performance.

Now, in some situations, the testosterone in your body may be insufficient. A classic case is when your libido falls, and your sexual performance plummets. 

Other times, your testosterone is sufficient, but you just want that extra testosterone boost to lose belly fat and increase your lean muscle mass.

One way to raise or boost your testosterone levels is with testosterone boosters. In this article, we shall review some of the options you have when it comes to testosterone boosters. We shall discuss how they work, their benefits, and many more.

Top 5 Testosterone Boosters:

1. TestoGen - Strongest Testosterone Booste
2. Prime Male - Best for Men Over 40
3. Testo-Max - Best Natural Alternative to Steroids
4. TestoFuel - Best for Building Muscle
5. TestRx - Best Customer Service

Why Consider Testosterone Boosters?

Like many other hormones in your body, testosterone levels vary with time. For testosterone, it varies with age. As you grow older, testosterone levels fall.

When the fall occurs, you get to notice the change physically. Your muscle loses tone and stops growing, more fat is deposited in your body, and your sex drive falls.

Now, except you can turn back the hands of time, you cannot make yourself younger. If you could, you’d be able to get the testosterone levels you need again. The good news is you won’t have to turn back the hands of time.

If you get a testosterone booster instead, you can give yourself a buffer rather than resist the effects of declining testosterone on your body.

5 Best Testosterone Booster Pills Of 2021
You are not short of options when it comes to testosterone boosters. Of course, the surplus in options means that there’s a good chance of getting the best and the not-so-great.

We wouldn’t want you to get anything short of the best. So, we took our time to check through some of the best testosterone booster brands in the market. Below, you will find our verdict on 5 of the best testosterones out there.
1. TestoGen – Strongest Testosterone Boosting Supplement
TestoGen is an all-natural testosterone boosting supplement made by Muscle Club Limited. The product is one that offers a safe alternative for muscle builders and people looking to improve their sexual performance.
TestoGen is a blend of 11 ingredients. These ingredients include vitamins, minerals, and extracts. There’s a whole lot TestoGen has to offer its users. Since it entered the market, users have been finding these benefits with it. We review the TestoGen below.

TestoGen contains 11 natural ingredients, and they are as follows:
● D-Aspartic Acid – 2352 mg
● Magnesium – 200 mg
● Vitamin D3 – 50 mcg
● Bioperine – 5 mg
● Vitamin K1 – 20 mcg
● Zinc – 10 mg
● Vitamin B6 – 20 mg
● Boron – 8 mg
● Nettle Leaf Extract – 40 mg
● Fenugreek Extract – 40 mg
● Red Ginseng Extract – 40 mg

How It Works?
The different ingredients in TestoGen all combine to ensure that your body’s testosterone levels rise. D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Boron may directly increase testosterone levels.

The mechanism by which Bioperine, Vitamin K1, and Vitamin D3 impact the testosterone levels in your body is through absorption. These substances directly or indirectly increase the level of testosterone in your body.

Nettle Leaf Extract raises testosterone levels by displacing bound testosterone from sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Fenugreek Extract helps to increase your energy levels after exercise and physical activity. Fenugreek and Korean ginseng also play a part in boosting libido.

Click here to Learn more about the Ingredients in TestoGen on their Official Website.

How to Use?
There are 120 capsules in one bottle of TestoGen, and each bottle is expected to last for a month. The daily recommended dosage is 4 capsules.
You are to take all 4 capsules at once, preferably within 30 minutes before your breakfast. Taking a lot of water with each capsule can play a part in how fast it works. No one below 18 years should take TestoGen.

● It helps you build your muscles
● It is made from natural ingredients
● It could improve your sexual drive, stamina, energy levels, and mood
● It is also useful in losing fat
● Free shipping worldwide
● It is easy to use.
● Great guide from the customer support
● It may also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions.

● Taking 4 capsules at once can be tough
● It might be a bit expensive
● You can only purchase TestoGen from their official site

Where to Buy and Deals?
The only place where TestoGen is up for sale is on their official website. The company offers you an extra bottle if you buy 2 bottles at once. If you buy 3 bottles at once, you get 2 bottles free.

2. Prime Male - Best for Men Over 40
Prime Male is a testosterone booster formulated for men aged 30 years and over. If you are over 50, there is good news. Prime Male can be safely used by people who are over 50. The product is manufactured by Propura Limited, a company in the United Kingdom.

It combines 12 all-natural ingredients and is relatively safe compared to anabolic steroids. This combination helps increase testosterone levels, sexual performance, and energy.

There’s more to Prime Male as it may also help with blood pressure normalization, weight loss, optimal metabolism, bone development, and much more. Here’s our Prime Male Review.

Prime Male is a product of 100% natural ingredients. It doesn’t feature any synthetic ingredient in its formulation, with the major components being
● D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate – 1600mg
● Bio Perine – 10mg
● Korean Red Ginseng Extract – 120mg
● Boron – 5mg
● Vitamin K2 – 45mcg
● Zinc – 30mg
● Vitamin D3 – 5000IU
● Vitamin B6 – 7.5mg
● Nettle Root – 160mg
● Magnesium Citrate – 100mg
● Mucuna Pruriens Extract – 300mg
● Luteolin – 60mg

How It Works?
The 12 ingredients in Prime Male all play a part in the effects of the product. Bio Perine plays its part in the absorption of the ingredients of the product. It is noted to increase absorption up to 20x.

D-Aspartic Acid and Zinc play a role in testosterone secretion by stimulating your body to produce luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone then acts on the brain to stimulate the secretion of testosterone.

Vitamin K2 increases testosterone levels directly. It also combines with vitamin D3 to increase testosterone levels. Apart from its effect on testosterone, vitamin D3 plays a huge role in the development of strong bones.

Vitamin B6 stimulates the secretion of testosterone through its action on androgen receptors. It is also essential for optimal nerve function and metabolic functions.

Nettle Root Extract, magnesium, and boron may act on SHBG to cause the release of free testosterone into the blood.

Luteolin and Mucuna Pruriens act on female sex hormones in men to improve testosterone activity. Mucuna Pruriens is a natural source of L-DOPA. L-DOPA is the precursor of dopamine, which is the inhibitor of prolactin in the body.

Luteolin is a substance that has been reported to inhibit the effects of an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme facilitates the formation of oestrogens. It may also have an impact on the stimulation of testosterone.

Click here to Learn more about the Ingredients in Prime Male on their Official Website.

How to Use?
You are also to take Prime Male 4 times daily at different times. The manufacturer recommends taking them at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm.
Prime Male capsules should be taken with meals and a lot of water. Each bottle contains 120 capsules, which is a month’s supply.

● Enhanced absorption
● 90-days guarantee
● Worldwide shipping
● It is not caffeinated

● You can only get it on their website
● It can be hard to keep up with the daily intake

Where to Buy and Deals?
Prime Male is available on their Official Website. The company offers free shipping to the UK and US when you buy at least 2 boxes. If you buy 3 boxes, you get 1 extra and free shipping anywhere in the world.

3. Testo-Max - Best Natural Steroid Alternative
Testo-Max is a legal and safer option over anabolic steroids. It is a product made by Crazy Bulk, a Cyprus company dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. Testo-Max is a blend of 11 ingredients, including 3 vitamins and 2 minerals.

It can help with muscle growth, quick recovery after intense physical activity, improves sexual drive, and increased energy levels after workouts.

Testo-Max contains the following:
● Magnesium – 200mg
● Vitamin B6 – 20mg
● Zinc – 10mg
● Vitamin D3 – 50mcg
● Vitamin K1 – 20mcg
● D-Aspartic Acid – 2352mg
● Nettle Extract – 40mg
● Fenugreek Extract – 40mg
● Red Ginseng Extract – 40mg
● Boron – 8mg
● Bio Perine – 5mg

How Does It Work?
Testo-Max will not perform magic on your body, no matter the magician or the magic spells you use. Here’s how the ingredients work.

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that stimulates the body to produce luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone stimulates the body to release more testosterone.

Zinc plays a part in stimulating the body to produce luteinizing hormone. Zinc also helps improve the functions of the immune system.

Fenugreek Extract acts on SHBG to release more usable testosterone into your blood. Nettle Extract also has a similar effect on SHBG.

Boron also plays a part in raising testosterone levels by acting on SHBG. But there’s more. Boron also helps improve cognition, mood, muscle formation, and bone building.

Bioperine’s effect is felt by all ingredients as it increases their absorption into the body. Besides their effect on testosterone levels, vitamin K1 and vitamin D3 help with bone formation.

Click here to Learn more about the Ingredients in Testo-Max on their Official Website.

How to Use It?
A bottle of Testo-Max will last for 30 servings. For each serving, you need 4 capsules. It is advised that you take your dose 20 minutes before breakfast. Whether you intend to work out or not, the same directions for use apply.

● Free delivery worldwide
● Available in multiple e-stores
● It is safe
● It is easy to use
● It enhances stamina, recovery, libido, and muscle formation.

● It is relatively expensive
● Available only on the official website

Where to Buy and Deals?
You can get Testo-Max on CrazyBulk. On, when you buy 2 bottles of Testo-Max, you get one extra bottle. You also get it at a discount price.

4. TestoFuel - Best for Muscle Building
The next product on our list is TestoFuel. TestoFuel is a product from Roar Ambitions. It is an option to consider if you want a safe alternative to increase your lean muscle mass and build your muscle.

The product has been used and recommended by some top bodybuilders. We review TestoFuel below.

TestoFuel contains the following:
● D-Aspartic Acid – 2300mg
● Oyster Extract – 100mg
● Vitamin D3 – 5000IU
● Fenugreek – 100mg
● Asian Red Panax Ginseng – 100mg
● Vitamin B6 – 5mg
● Vitamin K2 – 18mcg
● Magnesium – 200mg
● Zinc – 10mg

How It Works?
TestoFuel contains 9 ingredients that all play a part directly or indirectly to raise testosterone levels. It works thus: Zinc, Oyster Extract, and Asian Red Panax Ginseng help promote luteinizing hormone production, which stimulates the secretion of testosterone. Vitamin K2 and D3 work together to increase the absorption and boost the release of free testosterone in your body.

Vitamin B6, magnesium, and aspartic acid have a direct influence on the levels of testosterone. Fenugreek interacts with SHBG and raises both free and total testosterone levels in the body.

Click here to Learn more about the Ingredients
in TestoFuel on their Official Website

How to Use?
The recommended dosage of TestoFuel is 4 capsules per day. In one bottle, you will find 120 capsules. So, a bottle should last a month.
You can take it with meals or before meals. Meals, especially fatty meals, will increase the absorption of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

● 90-day money-back guarantee
● Worldwide shipping
● Boosts testosterone levels,
● Stimulates bone formation and tissue repair

● Taking 4 capsules every day is no easy task
● The product is only available on the official website

Where to Buy and Deals?
The only place where TestoGen is up for sale is on their official website. The company gives you 1 free box when you buy 3 boxes and 2 free boxes when you buy 4 boxes. They offer free delivery to the US and the UK.

5. TestRx - Offers Excellent Customer Service
TestRx is a natural alternative to steroids that combines ZMA and a host of other natural ingredients. ZMA is reputed for its muscle toning ability, and this effect is even backed by studies conducted on football players over 7 weeks.

TestRx is a product from Leading Edge Health, a company in Cyprus. Apart from the effect of TestRx on muscle growth, energy levels, and sex drive, you get to enjoy reliable customer support. We discuss this product further in the review below.

TestRx contains 7 ingredients, including the following:
● Zinc Monomethionine – 10mg
● D-Aspartic Acid – 2300mg (Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartic Acid make up ZMA)
● Vitamin K2 – 20mcg
● Vitamin D3 – 1,140IU
● Vitamin B6 – 5mg
● Fenugreek Seed Extract – 300mg
● Magnesium – 200mg

How Does It Work?
TestRx has 7 different ingredients, but how do they combine into the results users see?

The ZMA portion stimulates the growth of muscles. ZMA consists of zinc and D-aspartic acid. These 2 substances stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone in the body.

Luteinizing hormone is another hormone that stimulates the body to produce sex hormones, including testosterone.

When testosterone is secreted, it activates cellular processes that increase muscle cells' size. Testosterone and D-Aspartic acid are known to increase the secretion of growth hormone. In turn, the growth hormone stimulates the growth of different tissues in the body, including the muscles.

Vitamin K1 helps stabilize your testosterone levels. It also helps improve the functions of your heart and blood vessels by regulating blood clotting. Vitamin K1 also plays a huge part in the development of bones.

Many of the effects of vitamin K1 on testosterone is done in conjunction with vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 also plays an important part in bone formation. It stimulates the absorption of calcium. Calcium is the main mineral needed for bone growth.

Vitamin B6 is needed for many cellular and enzymatic processes. So, it should be no surprise that it finds uses in the formation of testosterone. It is also essential for maintaining metabolic order in the body.

Fenugreek Extract is a substance that focuses on raising free testosterone levels by knocking bound testosterone from the globulins it binds to.

Click here to Learn more about the Ingredients in TestRx on their Official Website.

How to Use It?
TestRx comes in a box with 120 capsules. Each bottle lasts 30 days, meaning you have to take 4 capsules daily. You can take it before meals or with meals. But take it, preferably around breakfast.

● 67-days return policy
● It is effective for raising muscle mass, energy levels, and stamina
● It is also suitable for improving libido
● 24/7 customer service
● It is available on multiple stores

● Free shipping only applies to some packages

Where to Buy and Deals?
TestRx is available on their website. With TestRx, if you buy at least 3 packs at once, you get free shipping. Also, when you buy more than one box, you get a discount. The discount increases by 10 dollars for every extra box you buy.

Knowing When Your Body Has Low Testosterone
It may not be hard to tell when your body’s testosterone secretion has gone down. Usually, the signs are there. Since it plays a significant part in how your body functions, you will certainly notice something different.

As you already know, after your testosterone level has peaked in the 20s – 30s, it starts falling. You will find that there are some physical features common to older men and women. Chances are many of those symptoms are related to low testosterone.

If you would opt for medical diagnosis, know that having testosterone below 300 ng/L in your blood is considered low. Without further ado, we shall discuss a few of the symptoms you will notice when your testosterone level is below optimal.

Reduced Libido
Testosterone has a very profound effect on libido in both men and women. One of the first few symptoms you will find when your testosterone levels drop as reduced libido.

You stop being aroused as you used to. The will to perform under sheets is no longer there. You just feel indifferent and unenergetic when it comes to sex.

Having Erectile Issues
Well, your libido is not the only thing controlled by testosterone. You will find that testosterone also affects your erection as a man. Testosterone's effect on penile erection is not affected directly.

At sufficient levels, testosterone secretion acts on your nervous system to cause the secretion of another substance. This other substance is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide affects blood circulation, and can be involved in having and sustaining an erection.

As you may have guessed, when testosterone levels are low, nitric oxide secretion is affected. When nitric oxide is not produced by your body as much as before, your erection becomes weaker and does not last long.

Reduction in Muscle Mass
Testosterone stimulates your muscles to form new muscle cells. This is one of the ways through which testosterone contributes to you getting bigger muscles.

When your testosterone levels fall, the muscles will not come in as fast as they used to. With time, the testosterone levels fall to a point where you start losing muscle instead.

Increased Fat Deposition
If you’ve ever wondered why older people usually have bigger bellies, then wonder less. Testosterone plays a very significant part in determining the fat content of the body. Testosterone pushes your body to burn fat and facilitates the distribution of fat away from your belly.

But once testosterone level starts falling, these things change. It becomes easier to gain fat. You will also start to find fat in the belly and in other unlikely places.

Altered Mood
Testosterone may affect your mood. The secretion of testosterone is accompanied by the secretion of mood-lifting hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

It is also quite possible that testosterone pushes the body to produce more of these mood-lifting hormones. Low testosterone levels can cause you to feel irritable, uninspired, and depressed.

Shrunken Testicles
Testosterone maintains the function of your penis. In other words, without testosterone, your penis will not work the way it should.

Testosterone maintains your testicular tone, and one of the obvious changes you will note when testosterone levels fall is the change in the size of your testicles. Low testosterone levels mean, small testicle size.

How Testosterone Boosters Work?
When you hear testosterone boosters, the first thing that crosses your mind is probably that they are substances that raise the level of testosterone in your body. Well, that is partly true.

Testosterone boosters work in more ways than one. They usually contain multiple ingredients, and each ingredient affects your body’s testosterone levels in different ways. In this section, we shall highlight some of the ways
testosterone boosters work.

Raising Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is produced by your body, no doubt. But without a proper diet, testosterone cannot be produced by your body. So, testosterone boosters come with certain ingredients that stimulate the body to produce more testosterone.

So, even if your body testosterone levels are going low, these substances will kindle your body to create more testosterone. The extra stimulated by these substances raise the total testosterone in your body to help improve testosterone function.

Raising Free Testosterone Levels
Testosterone exists in 2 forms in the body: free testosterone and bound testosterone. Bound testosterone is testosterone attached to sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). When testosterone is bound to SHBG, it is not available for use. In other words, it is inactive.

Your body needs free testosterone to see the effects of testosterone. Some ingredients in testosterone boosters raise free testosterone levels. They achieve this by competing with testosterone for binding with SHBG and eventually displacing it from SHBG.

By displacing testosterone from SHBG, these ingredients increase free testosterone levels and boost testosterone activity in your body.

Reducing Female Hormones
Just like we have ‘male hormones,’ there are also female hormones. Although they are female hormones, you will find some amount of these hormones in men. But in men, these female hormones have effects that oppose the normal effect of testosterone.

Of these hormones, oestrogen and prolactin have some of the greatest opposing effects on testosterone. When they rise to certain levels, they can become a problem for testosterone functions.

Testosterone boosters come with ingredients that suppress these female hormones. One enzyme is of huge importance in the production of oestrogens in the body. This enzyme is called aromatase.

Oestrogen suppressing ingredients in testosterone boosters usually work by blocking the activity of aromatase. This way, lower amounts of oestrogen are produced in the body. When oestrogens and lower, prolactin will also be lower.

When these hormones are at lower levels, there’s less inhibition of testosterone. In other words, testosterone is more active. This and other methods of boosting testosterone are usually combined together for better outcomes.

Benefits of Taking Testosterone Boosting Supplements
Without a doubt, you are on this page because you are interested in testosterone boosters. You are interested in taking testosterone boosters because of the benefits you might get from them. So, what happens when you take testosterone boosters?

Increased Libido
Increased libido is perhaps the most prominent effect of testosterone. You can get the same benefits from testosterone boosting supplements. Rising levels of testosterone correspond to increased sexual activity, sexual drive, and sexual performance.

Apart from sexual activity and performance, elevated levels of testosterone are also essential for erectile performance. If you cannot sustain an erection for long or your erections are not strong enough, you might benefit from taking testosterone boosters.

Reduced Body Fat
Away from improving your sexual drive, testosterone plays a part in reducing how much fat you have in your body. Low levels of testosterone in adults have been linked to weight gain. But an increase in testosterone may be beneficial in reducing body fat.

Bigger Muscles
Testosterone has a direct effect on the growth of your muscles. It is needed to activate certain cellular pathways required for new muscles to form. But that is not all testosterone does.

It also stimulates your body to stimulate growth hormone. Growth hormone acts on various tissues of the body, including the muscles and causes them to grow. So, through these means, you might just get bigger muscles if you take a testosterone boosting supplement.

Improve Cardiovascular Function
The heart is made up of muscles. As testosterone acts on your muscles to make them bigger, it can also improve the tone of the muscles of the heart. With improved muscle tone, the efficiency of the pumping action of your heart is increased.

Apart from its effect on your heart, testosterone has effects on your blood. It plays a part in the formation of blood cells. It can be beneficial to prevent anemia and improve the functions of your immune system.

Increased Energy Levels
If you are tired easily after physical activity or after an exercise routine, you might benefit from using testosterone boosting supplements. Elevated testosterone levels are associated with rapid recovery, increased endurance, and higher energy levels after physical activity.

Improved Mood
Reduced secretion of testosterone has been found in some people who suffer from depressive symptoms and low-spirited moods. It is particularly true for people with hypogonadism.

Studies have shown that testosterone stimulates the production of excitatory hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

When these hormones are stimulated, they can help in lifting your mood. Thus, you may just get your mood improved when you take a testosterone booster.

Development of the Bones
There is an association between the functions of testosterone and vitamin D3. For one, vitamin D3 increases the absorption of testosterone. Apart from that, vitamin D3 stimulates bone growth. Similarly, testosterone stimulates bone growth.

Low testosterone levels, as seen in older adults, might be one of the causes of weak bones in this population. Taking testosterone booster to raise testosterone levels might just stimulate bone development in you.

Side Effects
Well, usually, you would not experience side effects when you take testosterone boosters. In fact, for most brands, there have been no reports of side effects at normal doses. This may be, in part, because they are made from natural ingredients.

But this does not totally rule out the possibilities of experiencing side effects with them. So, here we shall discuss some of the possible side effects of these supplements.

● Fluid Retention
● Increased acne
● Shrunken testicles
● Worsened sleep apnoea
● Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
● Urinary urgency
● Gynecomastia/Breast enlargement
● Reduced sperm count
● Aggressiveness
● Exacerbation of breast cancer and prostate cancer

Many studies are revolving around testosterone. These studies revolve from studies on hypogonadism, prostate tumors and cancer, low libido, obesity, and many more. So far, testosterone has been used as a part of the diagnosis for varying illnesses.

There have been many pieces of research on testosterone replacement therapy and supplements. There are also differing opinions on their usefulness.

Many of the studies involving the use of testosterone replacement therapy and supplements have shown mixed results.

But even with that, certain things are certain. One of these things is that testosterone secretion falls with age, and this fall has been linked with many diseases. Studies have also shown that the fall in testosterone levels may be associated with reduced availability of certain vitamins and minerals.
From many of these studies, the efficacy of testosterone therapy has been tested. In some cases, they have been very useful. In other cases, the results were either inconclusive or not positive. But studies on the efficacy are still on. Optimal forms and dosages should come in earnest.

While many testosterone boosters have had little or no reported side effects with their uses, studies have given us an insight into the possible side effects.  With time, we should know even more about their safety.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for testosterone boosters varies from brand to brand. There is no one-size-fits-all dosage here. The ingredients vary, and the combination of ingredients vary. So, each manufacturer determines what the optimal dose for its formulation

You must be cautious not to exceed the stated doses in a bid to see some 'magical' results. It could end badly. You can also improve the outcomes of the testosterone boosters by adjusting your diet and engaging yourself in a fitness routine.


As a man over 40 years of age, you may find a lot of benefits if you take Prime Male. The good thing is that Prime Male is not limited to the 40s. Even men above 50 years can benefit from taking Prime Male.

With TestRx, you get a great product, and you also get excellent customer support to go with it. Of course, customer support is just as important as the product you're trying to get.

TestoFuel and Testo-Max are great alternatives for steroids. They are safer and largely natural. TestoFuel would be our option for muscle building while we’d use Testo-Max instead of unsafe steroids. All in all, TestoGen would be our pick for the most potent on the list.

The statements made in this sponsored post are those of the paid sponsor and not those of Orlando Weekly, and are not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor before undertaking any changes to your physical, mental or dietary health.


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