No scam here

Regarding the article on AdSurf Daily `"Freeze frame," Nov. 6`: Please let me say that ASD was in fact a very legitimate business enterprise that would have become one of the largest (if not the largest) online advertising companies on the Internet. It was a future Google, eBay, MySpace or Yahoo.

We operate a virtual business online which, after advertising on ASD, saw huge growth to our Alexa rating to become one of the top 100,000 most visited websites in the world. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is considering there are billions of websites on the web. Our product sales went through the roof.

We also received every single rebate request we ever made, and earned incredible profits from our surfing rebates. Any website issue we ever had was taken care of by ASD customer support. We have nothing bad to say about our experience with ASD.

Were there any growth issues? Sure. But you have to understand this company grew from about 14,000 members to 130,000 in about five months. The most efficiently run Fortune 500 company in the world could not grow without some issues, but they were handling it well. And they were one day from launching a great new website when the feds stepped in and shut the business down, destroying tens of thousands of small businesses that depended on this company to advertise their products, and the tremendous rebates that were supporting hundreds of thousands of lives.

It wasn't unsatisfied members that alerted the feds; it was ASD's bank that created this injustice. Bank of America reported all of the banking activity regarding ASD, which alerted the feds to what the bank felt was suspicious. Government agents just could not understand how a business could be profiting so well in a struggling economy and decided anything that profitable must be illegal. They just did not get the genius of the business model.

 Don Suitor, via the Internet

Canadians like it too

Thanks so much for your article on AdSurf Daily `"Freeze frame," Nov. 6`. My wife and I are Canadian ASD members who used the advertising service to reach the huge United States market with our businesses.

Angela is a personal coach specializing in women's empowerment issues. And I have two online businesses — one in nutritional needs of the aging population and the other an innovative online greeting card company. We had wonderful results with ASD and looked to hire additional staff to assist with our growth. Other forms of advertising were just too cost-prohibitive for us to even explore. ASD was a wonderful service and without it our marketing efforts are much less effective.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that ASD comes back on line.

Ron Skene, via the Internet

We know how to party

Instead of staying in my house and watching the results drunk and alone, I came out and attended your election night fiesta `Cry in our Beer '08`. It is true that I was tempted by the free food and cheap drinks, but I got a lot more than that, and I'm not just talking about the Blue Man Group tickets I won!

The energy and overall vibe were amazing! Every time a state was announced to be blue, the whole place erupted in cheers and hugs. Drinks flowed, spirits were high and a sense that something huge was at hand brought total strangers together with a renewed love for our country. And when it was clear that Barack Obama was going to be our next president, the feeling was indescribable.

I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else on Election Night! So cheers to you for hosting such a wonderful shindig.

 Kristin Blair, via the Internet

Corrections Department

Our Nov. 6 story about AdSurf Daily, "Freeze frame," incorrectly reported that Judge Rosemary Collyer had ruled to return $2 million to AdSurf Daily and asked the company to submit a compliance plan. In fact ASD attorneys have made this request but Collyer has not yet issued a ruling on the matter.

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