A Seminole County man chased a massive bear out of his garage

"That is a big bear. Holy cow," said Seminole County resident Brad Tamm after chasing a lumbering furry intruder out of his garage.

In a video posted to YouTube, Tamm is speaking on the phone when he notices a giant bear sniffing around in his garage in Longwood. Tamm immediately begins pounding his hands on the window to scare it off and can be heard yelling "Get out of here!" repeatedly.

As you can see, screaming is a solid tactic to scare just about anything off your property.

Tamm then follows the bear out of his garage and says a well-earned "Holy shit."
In a Facebook post, Brad's wife Trisha said the bear is called "Boo Boo" and was heading for a fridge in their garage. "Brad works from home and while on a call just minutes ago he looks up and see’s Boo Boo the local bear working his way to our garage fridge. Then stands up against our pop up camper. Ha ha ha. Always exciting to see them."

It's not uncommon to run into a bear this time of year, as they are typically looking to fatten up for the winter, so keep your garage doors locked and your trash secured.

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