New on Netflix: In ‘Pain Hustlers,’ Emily Blunt joins a pharma company only to discover it’s a criminal enterprise

Plus everything else debuting this week on Hulu, Prime Video, Shudder, Disney+ and the rest

Emily Blunt and Chloe Coleman in "Pain Hustlers"
Emily Blunt and Chloe Coleman in "Pain Hustlers" Photo by Brian Douglas/Netflix

(NOTE: All premiere dates remain subject to change as long as the actors' strike continues. At press time, SAG-AFTRA was trying to track down the AMPTP at Six Flags Magic Mountain.)

Premieres Wednesday:

Absolute Beginners — Naming your movie after one of the greatest failures of '80s British cinema is generally something you want to avoid. Apparently, nobody told the Poles, who have applied the moniker of Julian Temple's folly to a story about two budding filmmakers whose relationship is threatened when they cast a young jock in their latest project. Hey, it has to be better luck than going with Bowie was back then. (Netflix)

Life on Our Planet — Five extinction events from Earth's past are explored in a docuseries that investigates the life forms that survived and those that didn't. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer, so you can bet what those life forms all had in common was they really resented their parents. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:

American Horror Stories — The third season of the anthology offshoot series includes an appearance by Lisa Rinna, starring in an episode titled "Tapeworm." Well, of course she was going to save it until now. Do you think she'd really tell the other Real Housewives her dieting secrets? (Hulu)

Li'l Stompers — Animated plush dinosaurs teach your little ones how to cope with all the challenges a tot normally faces, like learning how to listen and adapt to change. And also how to drown out your parents when they're screaming at the Patriots. (Peacock)

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds — Go deep underground with Australia's very first drill rap outfit, whose aggressive lyrics get them targeted for harassment by the cops. The most shocking revelation: Not only do they know who killed Tupac, every one of them was at one time involved with Jada Pinkett Smith. (Netflix)

Pluto — A story arc from the classic Astro Boy yields an anime series that sees a detective hunting the killer of the most famous robot in the world. Gosh, Kristen Stewart seemed perfectly OK last time I looked. (Netflix)

Sebastian Fitzek's Therapy — In this six-part adaptation of the 2006 novel, a psychiatrist becomes unnerved when one of his patients' fantasies shows uncomfortable similarities to the disappearance of his own daughter. I say he should make it work for him: Put her under hypnosis and find out where he left his car keys. (Prime Video)

Premieres Friday:

The Enfield Poltergeist — Some say the haunting of a London council house in the late 1970s (as dramatized in The Conjuring 2, part of ahem "The Conjuring Universe" franchise) was a genuine phenomenon; others dismiss it as a pure hoax. Decide for yourself by listening to actual recordings of the incident that form the crux of a four-part miniseries made by an Emmy-winning production team. (Wait ... is that giggling I hear?) (Apple TV+)

The Girl Who Killed Her Parents: The Confession — Delve into the case of Brazil's Suzane von Richthofen, who copped to murdering her mother and father with the help of two male accomplices. The doc is a sequel to The Girl Who Killed Her Parents and The Boy Who Killed My Parents, and a prequel to the forthcoming The Girl Who Has No Beef With Her Parents Per Se, as Long as They Come Through With Those Tickets to P!nk. We promise. (Prime Video)

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red — The bricked-out versions of Earth's mightiest heroes reassemble to hunt down the Collector, who's trying to capture every hero with "red" in their name. Listen, have you seen the real people who collect Legos? By their standards, that's tightly focused restraint. (Disney+)

Pain Hustlers — Emily Blunt plays a struggling single mom who joins a pharma company, only to discover to her great shock that the place is actually a criminal enterprise. Hey, Emily: Tell me you've never been to Walgreens without telling me you've never been to Walgreens. (Netflix)

Shoresy — New cast members in Season 2 of the Letterkenny spinoff include the offspring of an actual hockey great (Frederick Roy, son of goalie Patrick) and a cast member from The Boys (Jordana Lajoie). Well, if you want to win games, it pays to keep company with people who are used to gratuitous violence. And hanging around with The Boys can't hurt either. (Hulu)

Sister Death — A young Spanish woman with mystical gifts journeys to a convent-turned-girls'-school to teach the students the ways of magic, but her plans are complicated by a supernatural entity that haunts the grounds. So in other words, it's like The Sound of Music, except the way you solve a problem like Maria is by burning an assload of sage. (Netflix)

South Park: Joining the Panderverse — Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Butters are all turned into women of color; meanwhile, the threat of AI looms over the town. I think the joke is that I'm not supposed to know which one is worse, but I'm not sure because I'm only a woman of color on the weekends. (Paramount+)

Tore — Six unsparing episodes chart a Spanish 20-something's descent into a morass of sex, drugs and booze after his best friend dies in a tragic accident. Wait until he finds out you don't need an excuse. (Netflix)

Yellow Door: '90s Lo-fi Film Club — Get the inside skinny on Korea's seminal film buffs in a doc that includes an unearthing of Bong Joon-ho's first short, "Looking for Paradise." Also featured: Martin Scorsese, to explain why it qualifies as cinema. (Netflix)

Premieres Monday:

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor — This offshoot feature of the undying Hell House franchise has intrepid ghost busters poking around a New York estate with its own grisly history. Meanwhile, outside the governor's mansion, Andrew Cuomo is likewise mulling his options for coming back from the dead. (Shudder)

Premieres Tuesday:

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula — Season 5 contestants include Argentina's OrkGotik and the U.K.'s Anna Pyhlactic. Of course the judges have to remain neutral, but what I wouldn't give to see Mike Flanagan show up in a T-shirt reading "I'm pro-Phylactic." (Shudder)

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