20 classic Orlando dive bars everyone should visit at least once

Sometimes you need to hide from the waves of tourists in somewhere dark, cool and cheap. With that in mind, we've put…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

    100 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL, (407) 649-8540
    Tanqueray’s is quite literally a dive. You have to descend into this underground bar with live music everyday and an awesome atmosphere. 
    Photo via Tanqueray’s
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Over-the-top Orlando pizzas everyone should try at least once

Pizza lovers are always searching for a replica of the New York-style slice or the Chicago deep-dish. But if you're willing to…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

The Portuguese 
    Piefection, 3120 S. Kirkman Road
     An egg-cellent choice if you want to try something different without too much risk. The Portuguese features ham, bacon, calabrese salami, veggies and eggs.  
    Photo via Pie-fection
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19 pet-friendly coffee shops in Orlando to sit and sip with your furry friends

We know how awesome is to enjoy a cup of coffee at the right place with the right vibe. But sometimes we…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Paloma Coffee 
    507 Main St, Windermere, FL 34786, (407) 876-0895
    Known for their homemade vanilla and for serving Panther Coffee, this small business also offers a big outdoor seating space for your whole family and your pets to enjoy. And yes, you can order all the puppaccinos you want!
    Photo via Paloma Coffee/Instagram
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Here are the limited-time snacks coming to Orlando theme parks this summer

Everybody knows that going to theme parks in Orlando is more than rides. It is an experience, from the walking paths to…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Popsicle Trio at Epcot 
    200 Epcot Center Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836, (407) 939-5277
    This delicious popsicle trio is located at the Refreshment Port at the World Showcase in Epcot and it is only available until July 5. The flavors are honeydew, raspberry-mint, and coconut-lime.
    Photo via Disney Parks Blog
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23 new Orlando restaurants to try this summer

Even though 2020 was a hard year, 2021 pushed through and didn't let the pandemic impede the growth of the City Beautiful.…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

h3>The Monroe 
     448 N Terry Ave. Orlando, FL 32801, (407) 734-2102
    The Monroe is a coffee shop and supper spot located in Downtown Orlando. They offer delicious daily fresh pastries, cold brews, espresso and tea.
    Photo via The Monroe/Instagram 448 N Terry Ave. Orlando, FL 32801, (407) 734-2102
    The Monroe is a coffee shop and supper spot located in Downtown Orlando. They offer delicious daily fresh pastries, cold brews, espresso and tea!
    Photo via The Monroe/Instagram
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Celebrate Pride Month in Orlando with these rainbow snacks

The month of June is all about celebrating love and inclusion. And we've heard the way to the heart is through the…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Sprinkles Cupcake 
    1676 E Buena Vista Drive #A Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830, (407) 560-9192
    They are known for their famous ATM cupcake. Now to celebrate Pride month, they are offering the rainbow layer cake that not only looks beautiful but also delicious.
    Photo via Sprinkles Cupcakes/Facebook
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21 Orlando restaurants with vegan junk food that is actually good

Being vegan can be tough if you love things that taste bad for you. Ever since Taco Bell cut back on its…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

V’s Diner 
    5601 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL, ?(407) 279-1966
    Are you craving American food, but can't seem to find any vegan options? Then, V’s Diner is the place for you! They have burgers, chicken sandwiches and chili fries sans animal products.
    Photo via V's Diner/Facebook
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The 25 best Orlando restaurants when you're sweating payday

Hunger has no regard for your budget. Luckily, Orlando has plenty of places where you can eat like royalty for around 10…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Sticky Rice Lao Street Food 
    1911A E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, (321) 800-6532
    Sticky Rice is the first Lao restaurant in Central Florida and it offers amazing quality food full of flavor. You can have a rice bowl or noodles for less than $9 like the Yellow Curry Chicken bowl or the Kapoon Nam Gai noodle soup. 
    Photo via Sticky Rice Lao Street Food/Facebook
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Here are all the menus for Orlando's Bite30

Bite30 comes with a catchy mnemonic right in the name. Thirty of Orlando's best restaurants create three-course prix fixe meals for $30…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Here are all the menus for Orlando's Bite30
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The 25 best dog-friendly patios in Orlando

The City Beautiful has incredible restaurants with some of the most impressive views in Florida. Do you want to enjoy the perfect…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Boxi Park Lake Nona 
    6877 Tavistock Lakes Blvd. Orlando, FL 32827, (407) 536-9666
    Outdoor area with live music, a variety of restaurants, desserts and cold drinks for the whole family.
    Photo via Boxi Park Lake Nona/Instagram
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17 places to grab a delicious margarita in Orlando

What better way to commemorate the weekend than with some margaritas? Here's a list of 17 spots where you can grab a…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Azteca D’Oro 
    Multiple Locations
    Since 2007, Azteca D’Oro has prided itself on being “ambassadors” of Mexican culture by serving tasty and authentic food. With six locations in the Central Florida area and daily specials on tap, it’s hard to miss this classic eatery.
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Look inside the world's largest White Castle before its grand opening in Orlando

White Castle’s largest location is finally ready for their grand opening on May 3.  After years of pleading from the public, White…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Look inside the world's largest White Castle before its grand opening in Orlando
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You'll Want To Try These Tito's Handmade Vodka Cocktails This Spring!

Try more Tito's Handmade Vodka  cocktails here!

By Orlando Weekly Staff

You'll Want To Try These Tito's Handmade Vodka Cocktails This Spring!
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Treat your mother to these delicious Orlando brunch spots

Given the lingering nature of the meal, it's almost impossible for a town to have too many brunch places. You need the…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

    13615 Sachs Ave.
    Eating here is a two-for-one: amazing food together with an amazing view.
    Photo via Canvas/Facebook
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25 Orlando area breweries where you can grab a locally made beer

Over the last few years, Orlando has been recognized as a craft beer destination. With so many breweries available in Orlando’s backyard,…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Sanford Brewing Company 
    160 Independence Lane Suite B, Maitland
    This dog and family friendly brewery-gastropub is located in historic Sanford. With live music every weekend and plenty of outdoor seating, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some good beer. 
    Photo via Sanford Brewing Company/Facebook
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25 Orlando restaurants serving glorious birria tacos

Birria, a traditional Mexican meat stew, became a favorite of the Instagram foodies in 2020. The viral sensation followed its typical path,…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Hunger Street Tacos 
    2103 W. Fairbank Ave., Winter Park
    Equal in size to three tacos -- the birria machete at Hunger Street Tacos is certainly the largest birria taco in Orlando. Big in size and flavor, this taco is not one to miss. 
    Photo via Hunger Street Tacos/Facebook
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27 places in Orlando to celebrate Taco Tuesday any day

Every day is Taco Tuesday if you want it to be, and we’re calling all taco aficionados to celebrate. We don’t care…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

La Eskinna 
    Food truck, 1826 Saturn Blvd. 
    La Eskinna’s specialty includes their version of tacos de birria, a pan-fried corn tortilla that’s filled with melted cheese and braised meat. To dip or not to dip? We’ll leave that up to you.. 
    Photo via La Eskinna/Facebook
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25 places to get a cold treat in hot Orlando

As the weather starts to heat back up here in Florida, Orlando residents will be looking to cool off with sweet snacks.…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

    5135 International Drive
    Not only does this place have an amazing cultural mix of flavors and toppings for their Thai ice cream, but they also have ice cold drinks in lightbulb glasses. 
    Photo via J-Petal/Facebook
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30 places in Orlando to get the perfect cup of coffee

Look, we all resort to Starbucks, Dunkin and the other mega-coffee chains for the convenience now and again. But Orlando is in…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Axum Coffee 
    146 W. Plant St., Winter Garden, 407-463-2900
    Axum Coffee roasts their own beans, in house. And their coffee proves that that makes all the difference.
    Photo via Axum Coffee/Instagram
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The 30 best doughnuts in the Orlando area

We don’t make the rules. All the best foods are circle-shaped: bagels, cookies, pies, pizza, pancakes, and doughnuts. That's right, doughnuts –…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

The Glass Knife 
    276 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, 407-500-2253
    The Glass Knife’s donuts are hand-crafted in small batches. Flavors change often, but the current favorites include a hot cocoa cruller, cherry Boston cream, coffee crème brûlée, and a signature sprinkle donut. 
    Photo via The Glass Knife/Facebook
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Treat yourself with a piping-hot pie from one of these outstanding Orlando pizza joints

Here you'll find everything from straight-up New York slice-joint style to upscale, char-spotted Neapolitan beauties — plus outliers like an oversize bagel…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

    Various locations
    There’s more to Tomasino’s than the quirky fedoras employees have to wear, like their classic crispy margherita pizza. 
    Photo via Tomasino’s/Facebook
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25 Orlando spots to indulge your craving for the most essential snack: wings

Chicken wings are the essential bar and party food — particularly when watching sports — and some Orlando restaurants are known among…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Kai Asian Street Fare 
    1555 Semoran Blvd., Winter Park, 407-821 3430
     Kai is serving up the crispiest of Korean-style crispy wings. Try out their original soy garlic wings.  
    Photo via Kai Asian Street Fare on Facebook
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Feast for a few bucks: Orlando's best cheap eats, according to Yelp users

This list is guaranteed to get your mouth watering. From Colombian food to soul food, Chinese to Mexican, diner to fast-fresh, Indian…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

King Bao
    710 N. Mills Ave.
    User Andrew V. says: “This is the best ‘street food’ casual bites in town, HANDS DOWN. I have NEVER had anything disappointing here, and the prices are super reasonable. If you want a little guidance, you can't go wrong with the Cuban bao. It's listed as a special but it always seems to be there! Pork, chicharron and lime aioli. I seriously hope it never goes away!”
    Photo via website
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Orlando's 25 best barbecue spots, according to Yelp reviewers

Florida might not be the No. 1 barbecue state in the nation, but it's in the top 10 for many flavorful reasons.…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

The Polite Pig  
    1536 Buena Vista Dr, 407-938-7444
    ”I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a side of fries. Wow!! The food was delicious, the meat was tender and literally made my mouth water. The sauces were amazing!! Literally their ranch is to die for! Will definitely be coming back to this spot!” -Grace G.
    Photo via The Polite Pig/Facebook
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The beefy, juicy hamburgers of Orlando Burger Week 2020

Orlando Burger Week is happening right now, and after a week like this you've certainly earned a dose of comfort food. With…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Jimmy Hula's Downtown Kahuna Burger
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The best Orlando-area bakeries to satisfy sweet cravings, according to Yelp

Whether you have a special occasion to celebrate or you just need a sweet little pick-me-up, these Orlando-area bakeries have the cakes,…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Sweet By Holly  
    711 N. Alafaya Trail, 407-277-7746
    ”I get cupcakes from this place pretty regularly and have never had a problem.  The cupcakes are always top notch (especially the minis), and the service is always excellent.” - Tom E.
    Photo via  Sweet By Holly/Facebook
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The 25 best vegan restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp

Whether you're a longtime vegan or you just started participating in Meatless Mondays, the best vegan restaurants in Orlando will make you…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

1. Dixie Dharma/Market on South  
    2603 E. South Street, 407-613-5968
    ”Located in Market On South, Dixie Dharma makes vegan food approachable! Everything on the menu is vegan, and this vegetarian had to double check to make sure it was, because of how convincing their menu is. A must-try whether you're an herbivore or omnivore!”- Franky B.
    Photo via Dixie Dharma/Facebook
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The 25 best Italian restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp

Orlando has some fierce competitors for best Italian food, and diners on Yelp didn't hold back with their thoughts! Check out what…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

The 25 best Italian restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp
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Tito's fall cocktail recipes to try at home

Sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka. titosvodka.com

By Orlando Weekly Staff

Tito's fall cocktail recipes to try at home
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The 25 best Indian restaurants in Orlando, according to Yelp

Tired of going to the same taco restaurant? Well, maybe not, but why not add some variety to your life by trying…

By Orlando Weekly Staff

#4. Ahmed Indian Restaurant UCF  
    10042 University Boulevard, 407-574-7177
    “Such a great place with a great deal!!! All you can eat Indian buffet for such a cheap price. As an Indian, having grown up on Indian food, I am quick to weed out what foods taste authentic or not and this place was very authentic! They have chicken tandoori, naan, biriyani, goat curry, BUTTER CHICKEN, chicken curry, and much more. My FAVORITE PART was that they had Gulab Jamun (a sweet) on the buffet as well.The food was phenomenal!” -Aminha U.
    Photo via Ahmed Indian Restaurant UCF/Ubereats
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