Here's what's in Disney's $5,000 'Star Wars' cocktail

Walt Disney World is expensive. There's no use denying it at this point.

The ticket prices have climbed to the point that an average family has to view the park as a once-every-few years treat and Disney have steered into that skid, focusing their product on the still-expanding luxury customer base.

Even in that environment, though, the costs around Disney's recent Star Wars experiences have raised eyebrows. The immersive Galactic Starcruiser hotel gave fans sticker shock when it was revealed that a stay cost about as much as a 2001 Ford Ranger. Now, a drink in their Star Wars cantina is giving guests Palpatine-tions.

The Kaiburr Crystal cocktail is only available in the Hyperspace Lounge aboard Disney's new cruise ship Wish. The admittedly impressive drink comes in a camtono, a Star Wars universe device for securing important goods behind a keypad. When the keycode is punched in, the sides fall open on this space-y carrier, revealing the drink in a cloud of mist.

The flight of drinks is named for the rare element that allows lightsabers to exist. According to a report from Arthur's About Theme Parks, the drinks within are nearly as rare. Along with a cocktail made with Camus cognac, yuzu and kumquat and various shots of ultra-top-shelf liquors like Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23 Year bourbon and Taylor's Fladgate Kingsman Edition Very Old Tawny Port. Both of those fetch several thousand dollars per bottle.

Arthur's adds that the drink comes with a ton of swag, though, not the camtono itself. It comes with a bottle of wine from Skywalker vineyards, a backpack, the glasses from inside the camtono and a visit to the vineyard (located on George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch and otherwise closed to the public).

Even so, the high price tag drew the ire of social media. Check out some of our favorites below.
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