‘Oh yeah? Where’s the science?’ asked these commenters on an article about the science of how mask-wearing protects from viruses

‘Readers’ react in this week’s letters to the editor

‘Oh yeah? Where’s the science?’ asked these commenters on an article about the science of how mask-wearing protects from viruses
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Three weeks ago, we explored the science behind face coverings in our cover story. "Yes, cloth face coverings help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Here's the science" (July 15) reported the dismay of many public health experts that mask-wearing remains a question up for debate in the United States even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone wear masks in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. But as lockdowns begin to lift, many people aren't following that advice, and case numbers are rising.

Not surprisingly, many comments from our readers disputed the scientific findings of an immunologist, a fluid dynamics engineer, a mathematic biologist and a pair of infectious disease researchers presented in the article – thus validating public health experts' aforementioned puzzlement and dismay. Many comments also asked questions like, "Where's the scientific proof?" – thus validating our editors' puzzlement and dismay to see such a question appended to an article reporting the scientific proof. Darwin awards should go to commenters (on a hunch, we won't call them readers) Tim Crawford and Donna Kay, who posted replies of 737 and 1,054 words, respectively. Here's a selection of some of the shorter anti-mask comments, so you'll know who to avoid at your next HOA meeting.

@Richard Cromwell YOU wear the damn mask! If mask wearing works, how come there's a spike in people getting the virus? If the virus is so toxic, why isn't there bio-hazard bins available all over for disposal of said masks? I see discarded masks all over the landscape.

@Jerome Contreras OK maybe N95s work but where's the proof that homemade masks work?

@Brian Warren You are not responsible for other people's health. I don't want you coming in my kitchen and telling me what to eat and not to eat. You are responsible for your own health and safety.

@Michelle Strom It's not my job to take care of anyone else just like no one else is taking care of me. This so-called government that you think is trying to keep you healthy has caused all my health problems.

@Donnie Wilson Mandates on wearing masks ... highest numbers since outbreak ... hmmmm, if the masks stop the spread, then why are we having record numbers ...

@Jim Carlton There has been many doctors and scientist who say differently, but you're not hearing about that. It's buried in medical journals that the media isn't sharing. What you should be really mad about is the false sense of security they're promoting with mandates on using substandard mask. You want a mask that works don't you? I'm pretty sure you'd be mad if they was mandating you take a vaccine that doesn't work. The sad truth is there are machines on the market that could be filtering this stuff out of the air. They could be put in every office, every classroom, in retail stores that do a heap better job than these useless mask they keep harping about.

@Bobby Fusion Propaganda is what you are spouting. Like a mockingbird. Disney and Universal are open and kids go back to school in three weeks. What can you not see that is not fake? You mean the fake numbers that you've been duped by.

@Brian McCumber Cloth does not stop the virus just your spit which is larger than the virus.

@Angelmi Acevedo D'Luz Viruses are dead. They cannot be transmitted by air. They are actually exosomes which are created due to toxicity in the body. See terrain theory.

@Ken Minnotte I hear you, but there is still no proof that these masks even work. It changes daily and that's pretty obvious that nobody truly knows what the heck is going on. At this point, it's becoming more and more obvious to be political driven.

@Nick Pischel Actually that's not true. But you didn't educate yourself about the virus, you just guzzle the Kool-aid, in order to spread the virus you have to distribute and the other person (potential infected person) must have take in the necessary viral load. One particulate of virus ... even 100 particulates won't infect someone. But mask up buddy! Watch out! Your fellow lemmings are headed over the cliff.

@Eric McCulley It's not about masks when comparing other countries, you have to consider "case reporting/death reporting" differences. Masks seem to work in other countries that do not report motorcycle deaths as COVID deaths. And positive antibody tests as positive COVID cases. Makes them look good compared to our flawed recording issues where if you die "with" COVID, you died "from" COVID.

@Brian Warren Only point I was trying to make is that cloth masks aren't the answer. Once you breath and moisten the mask your MORE likely to get the virus. Plus not everyone practices good mask etiquette. Also, it can be absorbed through your eyes. It just doesn't make sense for people to wear. Wash your hands. Treat it like any other germ/flu/cold.

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