The light of reason

Your article on ACORN `"Smashing ACORN," March 4` promised a bigger scandal than the pimp tapes. You were correct, the article was scandalously insipid.

ACORN and its supporters are at war with a capitalist society. That's fine by me, but making me finance their war is a bit much. Your supporters of ACORN talk lots about fairness, equality, justice, etc., but what you are really after is a socialist or communist society. I don't hate socialists and communists because they are socialists or communists, I hate them because they continue to support and try to impose on America a system of government that has repeatedly failed. That's not the mark of an intellectual, superior, progressive mind, it's the mark of an idiot stuck in his or her mindset that will not let the light of reason come into their brain. If socialism or communism worked, I would be all for them.

Wake up comrades, find another horse to ride in your war on capitalism, the one you're on will collapse at any minute. What part of failure don't you understand? Any one who would trade capitalism for socialism or communism, knowing the repeated failures of socialism and communism, is not a great intellect at work. They are, by any measure, goofy.

Don Branch, Orlando

Such garbage

I wonder if James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles would describe the results of all of their investigative work a "splice job." I wonder what political party the District Attorney in Brooklyn belongs to. This cover story is such garbage `"Smashing ACORN," March 4`, which is sad because there are so many more socially redeeming topics the Orlando Weekly could be covering.


And thank you for it

Fantastic article `"Smashing ACORN," March 4`. Finally, a comprehensive, objective assessment of what really happened! If only more journalists would commit themselves to such high reporting standards, our country would be in a much better place.


It's simple, really

The problem was simple `"Smashing ACORN," March 4`. An organization that wished to do good, did do good in many ways, then got caught up in corruption and doubtful activities. The problem was, as soon as they strayed from their original mission of help, they politicized themselves and biased themselves.

The minute that occurs with any organization, it becomes divisive and its death knell is near. A true shame. But a great indicator of not just our country, but the machinery that works behind it.


Liked the fish story

I was just talking to Jeanna Merrifield for the first time this morningand she suggested I read the article in Orlando Weekly for some good background on Wild Ocean `"Fish tales," March 4`.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say great job on an important subject! Not only was "Fish tales" a superb write-up on a local small business, but also contained a lot of detail on the regulations, which could have great impact on the Florida fishing industry. Very informative!

Jennifer P. Hepler, via the Internet

Gentle prodding

Thanks to John Thomason for his article "Roadrunner (twice)" `Jan. 27`. It was a well-written and engaging overview of Jonathan Richman and his career, and its gentle prodding to turn out a bigger audience seems to have worked.

The concert was reasonably well attended, and those who paid their $12 (can it really be that cheap?) enjoyed a fun, moving and, most rarely of all, entirely charming evening. I hope Mr. Thomason was there to see it for himself.

Brian Buchner, via the Internet


I think it is amazing that the students at UCF are striving for a more equal campus `Happytown™, March 4`. This is the type of progressive initiatives that will change the future for our children and their children. I am very impressed by the outreach going on here.


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