‘Doom Patrol’ comes to an end, long-awaited series revival of ‘Frasier’ launches

And everything else new on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and the rest of the streaming platforms

The Fall of the House of Usher: Mike Flanagan turns his focus from Shirley Jackson to Edgar Allan Poe
The Fall of the House of Usher: Mike Flanagan turns his focus from Shirley Jackson to Edgar Allan Poe photo courtesy of Netflix

(NOTE: All premiere dates remain subject to change while the actors' strike continues. Meanwhile, the streamers are hiking your subscription fee and forwarding any complaints to the Russo brothers.)

Premieres Wednesday:

Awareness — Trouble comes for a Spanish kid when he begins to have difficulty controlling his mysterious power to conjure mirages out of thin air. Guess he really got cocky when he cooked up crypto. (Prime Video)

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul — Acclaimed documentarian R.J. Cutler profiles the company that made billions off the e-cig boom, then watched the bottom drop out as their product fell from grace with the public. But will there be an epilogue honoring Lauren Boebert's valiant efforts to right the ship? (Netflix)

The Greatest Show Never Made —Twenty-one years ago, 30 Brits put their lives on hold to participate in a reality TV program — only to learn that the show didn't exist and its creator had disappeared like D.B. Cooper. Now the would-be contestants reconvene to take stock of their mystifying experience. (Something tells me the answer to what happened lies somewhere within 50 miles of the Fyre Festival.) (Prime Video)

Nada — Robert De Niro has a supporting role in this dramedy series about an Argentinean food critic (Luis Brandoni) who has to relearn how to live his life after his personal assistant passes away. His first question: Just what is this "Uber Eats," anyway? (Hulu)

Once Upon a Star — Well, here's a part of show business you don't hear about very often: the folks who had to travel across Thailand in the early '70s to provide live dialogue dubbing for imported films. You don't hear about them because as soon as Brando was cast in The Godfather, they all committed ritual suicide. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:

Doom Patrol — As the critically lauded and fan-favorite series comes to a close, the team learns that they may not be free from the threat of the zombie Were-Butts. See, this is proof that David Zaslav needs to lose his job, because the first rule of show business is that you don't cancel a show that includes the description "zombie Were-butts." (Max)

The Fall of the House of Usher — Mike Flanagan turns his focus from Shirley Jackson to Edgar Allan Poe, loosely adapting the latter's famous short story into a series that chronicles the grim fate of a pharmaceutical dynasty. Original star Frank Langella was fired over allegations of sexual harassment; sources say Flanagan was unimpressed by Langella's defense, "When Roderick Usher does it, that means it's not illegal." (Netflix)

Frasier — This long-awaited series revival finds Frasier Crane (again played by Kelsey Grammer) back in Boston and entering the all-important "third act" of his life. Bebe Neuwirth's Lilith and Peri Gilpin's Roz will make periodic appearances, but David Hyde-Pierce declined to return as Niles. And no, that doesn't mean he's finally fulfilled his longstanding ambition to play Daphne instead. (Paramount+)

Good Night World — Anime gets all sci-fi domestic on us, as the members of a family who can barely tolerate one another unknowingly take on new identities as loving kin in virtual reality. You just knew the Japanese were going to get around to adapting "The Piña Colada Song" sooner or later. (Netflix)

Lego Ninjago: Dragons Rising — The last 10 episodes of Season 1 task our heroes with finding the Dragon Cores while trying to stop the Mergequakes. Man, I hate it when these indie bands drag the rest of us into their petty rivalries. (Netflix)

Monster Inside: America's Most Extreme Haunted House — Documentary and fright-flick storytelling tactics converge to examine why otherwise sane individuals subject themselves to Russ McKamey's "extreme" haunted house, where a tour can involve everything from having your bones broken to your teeth ripped out. Here's one good reason: You spend less time waiting on line than at Halloween Horror Nights. (Hulu)

Mud, Sweat and Tears: Premiership Rugby — A hard-hitting documentary shows what it takes to rise to the top of the English rugby pile. From what I remember of the game from high school, the real answer is "an unerring devotion to senseless violence," but I'm sure they've found a way to gussy it up for the cameras. (Prime Video)

Premieres Friday:

The Burial — It's not a Halloween story as you might assume, but rather a based-on-truth portrait of the partnership between a lawyer (Jamie Foxx) and a funeral-home owner (Tommy Lee Jones). Sounds like a good pairing, because if one can't get you off the hook the other definitely will. (Prime Video)

The Conference — A bunch of Swedes on a business retreat realize they're being picked off by a serial killer. Remember when the worst you had to deal with on those things was trust falls? (Netflix)

Creepshow — Season 4 includes an appearance by Tom Atkins, who played the abusive father in the first Creepshow movie back in 1982. But if you're waiting for Ted Danson to return too, don't hold your breath [snort]. (Shudder)

Everybody Loves Diamonds — Rupert Everett and Malcolm McDowell join some of Italy's top talent in a comedy heist series based on the 2003 theft of more than $100 million in gems from the Antwerp Diamond Center. They would have gotten away with it had they just stowed the stuff in a safe-deposit box, but Bob Menendez convinced them suit pockets are a lot more secure. (Prime Video)

Goosebumps — While Max prepares to bet the farm on a Harry Potter series with none of the original cast, a similar treatment is being visited upon the works of R.L. Stine (which seems a safer wager, since he's the J.K. Rowling who doesn't hate your kids). Five of the writer's best-selling books are re-adapted into a new show that sees young sleuths investigating the death of a teen 30 years ago. That was about four years before the first Potter book came out, but give me a week and I'll figure out a way to blame that harpy anyway. (Disney+ and Hulu)

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams — The horror icon has broken a 13-year directing hiatus by helming one of the six episodes of this unscripted anthology of true shock stories set in ordinary neighborhoods. Word has it The Villages inquired about being featured, but Carpenter wanted to focus on places where you don't expect unspeakable atrocities to happen. (Peacock)

Lessons in Chemistry — Brie Larson executive-produced and stars in a 1950s period piece about a frustrated scientist who gets her agenda out via a TV cooking show. So in other words, it's like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel if Midge had become a Tupperware lady with a tight five. (Apple TV+)

The Puppetman — A death-row inmate's hopes of survival rest on convincing his daughter that the murders he's accused of were actually committed by a supernatural entity. And if that fails, there's always Antifa. (Shudder)

Premieres Tuesday:

Crush — The documentary team that covered the 2017 Las Vegas shooting in 11 Minutes turns its morbid curiosity — I'm sorry, its professional attention — to last year's fatal Halloween stampede in Seoul. What are these guys going to do when they run out of material, taunt otters at the zoo? (Paramount+)

The Devil on Trial — Participants recall the 1981 trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the first accused murderer in U.S. history to use demonic possession as a legal defense. If you want to know how that worked out for him ... well, we got a Conjuring movie out of it [shrug emoji]. (Netflix)

Heather McMahan: Son I Never Had — The comic and podcast host takes to the stage of the Lexington Opera House to wring the maximum yuks out of surefire laff-riot topics ... like her father's sudden death from pancreatic cancer. Man, imagine what she could do with long COVID. (Netflix)

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