Welcome to Orlando City Guide 2023

An insider’s guide to what makes Orlando a place we’re proud to call home

Welcome to Orlando City Guide 2023
Orlando by night / photo illustration by Daniel Rodriguez

Outsiders like to visit us, but they sure don’t know us. When they think of Orlando, they picture a semi-suburban sprawl — all chain stores and strip malls and corporate anonymity, run by a shadow government with mouse ears buried somewhere deep in Walt Disney World utilidors.

We know that couldn’t be further from the truth. The heart of Orlando is not in the theme parks (though they are an integral part of who we are and what we do). It’s in our neighborhoods. Though they often go overlooked by tourists, neighborhoods with unique identities — with beautiful parks full of tropical foliage, locally owned businesses and comfortable watering holes — are as much a part of our city as the roller coasters and the alligators.

Each year, we put together this insider’s guide to what makes Orlando (and its surrounding cities and towns) a place we’re proud to call home. We profile many of our major neighborhoods, highlighting some of the prime places to eat, drink and shop, followed by listings of all the best in arts & culture, nightlife, attractions and events. It’s a little bit of everything that makes Orlando the City Beautiful.

Your full guide to Orlando's bars, homegrown attractions and more can be found below.

City Guide 2023 Contributors: Rob Bartlett, Ida V. Eskamani, Rachel Gold, Chloe Greenberg, Faiyaz Kara, Sarah Kinbar, Bao Le-Huu, Matt Keller Lehman, Michael Lothrop, Gabby Macogay, Matthew Moyer, Reina Nieves, Daniel Rodriguez, McKenna Schueler, Nicolette Shurba, Eric Tegethoff, Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, Jessica Bryce Young

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