At Bad As's Sandwiches, creativity and diversity are imperative

At Bad As's Sandwiches, creativity and diversity are imperative
Photo by Rob Bartlett

Orlando's thriving food truck scene is a sure sign of its gastronomic health, and when food truck proprietors like John Collazo get into the brick-and-mortar game, all the more so. At Bad As's Sandwich, Collazo's Milk District eatery, the fruits of his labor come in the form of monstrous, sometimes decadent, always inventive sammies.

"We're located in an area where everyone is so creative that we have to continue to match that enthusiasm," says Collazo. "I love Orlando's growing diversity, and like to visit new restaurants and local favorites for inspiration."

And Bad As's sandwiches are unquestionably inspired. Case in point: the El Anormal #3, packed with adobo-roasted pork and peppery cantimpalo sausage, garnished with chipotle jack cheese, crispy onions, saffron aioli and a guava glaze. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more original sandwich in the city. For Collazo, diversity was one of the primary reasons he made the move from Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Orlando 10 years ago. In his estimation, multiplicity in food perspectives doesn't just unite and make this city better, it makes his restaurant better.

"We're surrounded by so many great restaurants that we want to diversify our flavors to make our sandwiches a bit different," he says. And clearly Collazo's supportive customer base appreciates it. "Just knowing they've enjoyed what I created makes it all worth it," he says, "because when they love you, they really show it." —FK

Bad As's Sandwich
207 N. Primrose Drive

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