That insane Baldwin Park Publix brawl was over a shopping cart

click to enlarge That insane Baldwin Park Publix brawl was over a shopping cart
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Apparently, the most "World Star" brawl to ever go down at a Publix grocery store was all because of a shopping cart. 

According to OPD, the fight occurred around 5:30 p.m. July 13 at the Baldwin Park Publix, and started because a pregnant woman's shopping cart was blocking a man from pulling into his spot. 

Here's what happened, according to Officer Straw, who arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and was able to get a statement from the guy who couldn't pull into his parking space, Maitland resident Edwin Colon: 

When Colon was trying to pull into a parking space in the parking lot, a pregnant female was loading her child into her vehicle. After she was finished loading the child into the vehicle, she left her cart in the middle of the parking space. Colon asked if the pregnant female would move the cart out of the way so that he could pull his vehicle into the parking spot. The pregnant female then grabbed the cart and shook it and said to Colon `what do you want me to do with it?` The pregnant female then began cursing at Colon who then cursed back at her. Colon got out of his vehicle and went inside of the store and proceeded to the deli to purchase a sandwich.

As Colon was placing his order, an unknown male walked up to Colon and began putting his face near Colon`s. Colon stated that the male identified himself as the pregnant female`s husband. The unknown male proceeded to push his face into Colon`s poking it with his nose. Colon then pushed the unknown male to create distance. The unknown male then continued to advance towards Colon and attempted to put Colon into a headlock. Colon was in fear of being injured and began to fight back. Once the situation began to escalate, on lookers began to separate Colon from the unknown male. Colon stated that the unknown male and pregnant female left the store and drove off in an unknown SUV.

Orlando resident Donna Bankstahl witnessed the fight. She told police she saw Colon yelling at the pregnant female, and he told her to "mind her own business."

According to the report, Bankstahl was also waiting in line at the deli when the fight broke out between Colon and the angry husband. "While waiting in line, Bankstahl witnessed the pregnant female's husband walk into the store toward the deli line where she saw Colon ordering his food. When Bankstahl turned around to get a second look, she saw the pregnant female's husband and Colon fighting on the ground."  

Colon wishes to prosecute criminally. 

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