Roommates wanted for Mike Busey's Sausage Castle

While doing some research on juggalos today (yes, really), we discovered that Gary Busey's nephew, Mike Busey, owns a home in the Orlando area. Not just any home, either – he owns the Sausage Castle in St. Cloud. It's his home, apparently, but by the looks of things, it's also a theme park of sorts geared toward adult men.

It has art.

And room for plenty of friends to come over and hang out.

And it has two hot tubs.

It has a stripper pole.

And sometimes it has Caskey.

And Weeman.

And sometimes Bret Michaels, who happens to be in town this week doing a Bret Michaels Life Rocks inspirational seminar. Which means, for all we know, Bret Michaels could be hanging out at the Sausage Factory with Mike Busey right now.

And if you're looking for a place to live, Busey now has rooms in the Sausage Castle for rent for $800 per month.


Have you ever lived where you hated to even walk into the kitchen cause the awkwardness? Did your room mates disrespect you? Have you been worried about leaving your door unlocked? Do you hate shady mother fuckers? Do you want more out of a place to stay? Are you looking for a life changing experience? Are you seeking a place that you can be proud of? A place with plenty of stories to tell your co workers! Do you want a place you can look forward towards returning to with a group of people you can call your friends?

Well Look no further then THE SAUSAGE CASTLE a place called home for Mike Busey for the last 10 years!

Take a video tour here.

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