Quit your job and become a Florida python hunter

click to enlarge Quit your job and become a Florida python hunter
Photo by Chad Sparkes/Flickr
What if instead of tracking down sales leads or TPS reports, you're wading through a swamp, knife in hand, hunting big-ass snakes for cold hard cash?

The bigger the snake, the bigger the bounty.

The South Florida Water Management District is looking to hire 25 capable snake hunters for a 60-day pilot program aimed at removing non-native Burmese pythons from state-owned land.

Anyone lucky enough to get this amazing job will be given access to python-infested lands, a minimum wage salary, and $50 for every snake killed. Also, special bonuses will be given to for any snakes brought in over 4-feet in length, and any snake nests you can destroy.

Time to freshen up your snake hunting resume.

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