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The Christian Coalition's new voter guides should be distributed this Sunday, Nov. 1, and as usual they're aimed at electing the most reactionary Republicans. But this election another religious group has stepped up to oppose the coalition and other elements of the religious right. Called the Interfaith Alliance, it is a nationwide amalgam of relatively liberal people of faith. The alliance has sent 1,500 Florida pastors a letter urging them not to allow the coalition to distribute its voter guides in their churches, saying, "Christians are called to a higher standard of participation when they involve themselves in the political process."

Judy Douglas, who coordinates the Central Florida effort, contacted nine local pastors, asking them to sign the letter before wider distribution. "It's been a little mixed," she says. "I've gotten some bad and some good responses. Some pastors say they're not going to distribute it, but they can't talk about it in the church because they have a lot of conservative parishioners."

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