Icon Park changes course on 'Bullseye Blast' ride following public mockery

After receiving a healthy dose of mockery and scorn from the wider public, Icon Park is reconsidering their "Bullseye Blast" game.

The add-on game to Icon Park's central ferris wheel allowed guests to take aim at targets around the park using laser guns. Because Icon Park is located in the United States, the public couldn't help but point out that the park had made something akin to a mass shooter mini-game. Icon Park has decided to change the look of the guns at the center of the game, pausing the attraction until the design is produced.

In a statement from Icon Park, they noted that the game was "well-received" and that the criticism was coming from "non-guests."

"Some non-guests and community members expressed that they considered the toy shooting device used to be insensitive," they said. "The attractions industry has many similar games which use similar shooting devices, so that is what we were limited to when exploring the game. However, we believe that a device can and should be designed which does not offend anyone in the community. We look forward to leading this new innovation."

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