'F*ck DeSantis! F*ck fascism': Orlando's Maxwell Frost jumps onstage with Paramore in Washington, D.C.

“Rock music inspires a righteous rage in all of us."

Sen. Maxwell Frost and Paramore's Hayley Williams post-show - Photo courtesy Maxwell Frost/Instagram
Photo courtesy Maxwell Frost/Instagram
Sen. Maxwell Frost and Paramore's Hayley Williams post-show
U.S. Rep. & Orlando's very own Maxwell Frost jumped onstage with pop-punk band Paramore in Washington, D.C., on Friday night to join in on a song and maybe tell our governor to fuck off in the process.

Sporting a CWA union jacket, Frost dashed onstage at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., to join the band for 2007 number "Misery Business."

“Do you see this? Do you see the future right here?” exclaimed Paramore singer Hayley Williams after bringing Frost onstage. Besides bopping exuberantly (and dropping to both knees? that's razzle dazzle), headbanging and belting out a few lines from "Misery Business," when Williams asked Frost if he had anything to say, Frost shouted "Fuck Ron DeSantis! Fuck fascism!"

“Rock music inspires a righteous rage in all of us. I felt inspired by that at the Paramore show and represented the way so many Floridians feel right now regarding politics," Frost told Orlando Weekly over the weekend.

"I also got to jump around to 'Misery Business,' which I’ve done in the shower many times. Successful night in my books.”

Paramore frontperson Hayley Williams recently had some choice words of her own for Florida's governor onstage at the Adjacent Music Festival in Atlantic City: "I’ll be happy to tell you I’m very f–king comfortable talking politics. If you vote for Ron DeSantis, you’re f–king dead to me. Is that comfortable enough for anyone?"

BTW, Paramore play the Amway Center right here in Orlando on Tuesday, June 13.

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