The never ending tour: Venezuelan punks Zeta keep moving

Zeta Photo by Jen Cray
with A Place Beyond Giants, Sweet Cambodia, Flagman

8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 8
Soundbar, 37 W. Pine St.

Zeta is a band that transcends borders and their music reflects it. Their live shows push furiously at the limits of punk, bringing in flavors of prog rock as well as traditional Venezuelan roots music, all of it unleashed in overwhelming waves upon an audience with supreme positivity.

Multi-instrumentalist and founding member Dani Eduardo tells Orlando Weekly, "It's a big catharsis ... you'll leave a lot but you also will take a lot back home." Fans have bestowed upon them some colorful descriptions; two of Eduardo's favorites are, "the living experience of being alive" and "the South American angry Pink Floyd."

A little over two years ago the group left their native Venezuela and embarked on a tour of the U.S. that has yet to stop. So they could also be described as "the hardest-touring band in the music business," with shows virtually every night of the week, all year long. They've spent so much time touring, living and working here in the States that last year they decided to make it official and apply for citizenship – a process that has proven to be not only difficult, but very restrictive.

click to enlarge Zeta - Photo by Jen Cray
Photo by Jen Cray

Being somewhat grounded has at least allowed them time to focus on new music, and a new album, recorded by Brok Mende at Audiotree Studios in Chicago, will be released at Gainesville's FEST on Nov. 3: "The name of the album is still a secret, but I can tell you that we feel like, 'Hell yeah, this album is the best album we did ever!'"

"We used to be as active as we were the past few years, but in all different countries in South America," Eduardo says, adding that the whole bureaucratic mess is frustrating. "This process takes so long, you wouldn't imagine. It's supposed to be a couple of months. That becomes a couple of years. In the meantime, you always have to stay inside the country until everything gets done. That's so heartbreaking because we have friends and fans that we love and miss so much that it's a shame not being able to bring our shows to all places for a big while ... but, let me tell you, the fascination and excitement for coming back to them is one of my biggest motivations. For now, I try to carry all this love I have inside to all our new friends and family that, thanks to this life, we found around this land."

click to enlarge Zeta - Photo by Jen Cray
Photo by Jen Cray

In many ways, Zeta may seem like a nomadic band without a home. Eduardo disagrees: "House is a place but home is a feeling, so anywhere I found myself with a nice vegan meal in front of me next to this family I choose [is home]. The Zeta family has been growing so much since 2003. Right now I know I have maybe the biggest family in the world."

This Thursday, "home" will be Orlando, with a gig at Soundbar. Come leave a part of yourself on the floor and give your brothers a hug before they drive off into the sunset.

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