Review - I Canâ??t Help Wonder Where Iâ??m Bound

Artist: Tom Paxton

Along with other '60s singers such as Joan Baez and Peter, Paul and Mary, Tom Paxton is a classic representative of the mainstream folk movement. A Greenwich Village troubadour influenced by heartfelt American songwriters including Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Paxton wrote timeless love songs, politically minded protest songs and even children's songs. While not as extreme or experimental as his peers Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan, Paxton was a disciplined and sincere musician.

The "I Can't Help Wonder Where I'm Bound" "best of" compilation reveals some of Paxton's most memorable and successful compositions. Although his voice and guitar-playing were basically unremarkable, Paxton was able to compose glorious folk anthems like "Ramblin' Boy," as well as good-time rags like "Bottle of Wine." His ballad "The Last Thing on My Mind" is one of the most romantic fare-thee-wells ever written. Paxton was a seasoned and playful entertainer. This disc represents a vital part of the American folk-music tradition that cannot be denied.

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