Essential new Orlando noise-rock band Warm Frames play Uncle Lou’s on Tuesday

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click to enlarge Warm Frames getting good and loud at a previous Lou's show - Photo by Andrea Knight
Photo by Andrea Knight
Warm Frames getting good and loud at a previous Lou's show

Sooner or later the cycles of pop music mandate that the old guard be swept out to sea and replaced by the new (though somehow that doesn’t seem to involve certain boomer icons, but maybe that’s just the liquidity of retirement funds sloshing around).

While, for many, obsolescence can be painful, there’s an undeniable thrill in the shock of the new. (Even if you are the one being shocked.) Warm Frames are one of a number of new Orlando acts delivering that electric charge.

The very young and unpredictable band have sonically dynamited the generation gap to a chasm the size of Death Valley. They do noise-rock the way that Pussy Galore, Free Kitten, Huggy Bear and (to our ears) Twin Infinitives-era Royal Trux did: stripped of art-school pretensions and left with catharsis through feedback. Opening are Plurbal, Eyelash and Animoxia.

8 p.m., Tuesday, March 21, Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave., $5.

Event Details

Warm Frames, Plurbal, Eyelash, Animoxia

Tue., March 21, 8 p.m.

LMGA Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall 1016 N. Mills Ave., Orlando Mills 50

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