Band of the Week: Raising Cadence

Welcome to Orlando Weekly's "Band of the Week." Every week, we highlight one of our favorite local bands. This week, we're pleased to bring you Raising Cadence.

Raising Cadence is playing June 16 at Henao Center with Hungover, The Weekend Classic, Letters to Part, and Bay Street.

Just the facts:

When did the band form?
Raising Cadence formed on January 1st, 2014

Who's in the band?
Miguel Larsen - Lead Vocals
Andrew Rouleau - Guitars
TJ Howard - Drums
Ronald Paul Cook II - Bass
Samuel Oliveira - Guitars/Vocals

Currently available releases:
Take Me Higher - EP - Oct. 2017
"I Define Every Movement" - Single - April 2016
Northbound - EP - Dec. 2014


Describe your sound in five words:
Groovy, Funky, Jammy, Edgy, Thrill Ride

Five questions:

What has been your most memorable show so far?
Oh wow, that’s a tough one. After playing House of Blues and opening for one of our favorite bands The Spill Canvas, just throwing that out there, we would say our most memorable show to date would have to be our headlining show last summer at The Social. We put the show together all on our with our friend and colleague Marshal Rones, were able to play with other local bands who we’re friends with, and made profitable income from the result of the show. It was so much fun with our friends and family and we can’t wait to put another show like that one again.

Which local band is your favorite one to play a show with?
Sweet Cambodia all the way. We played our first show together a couple years back and since then we’ve loved each others vibes as people and especially as musicians.

What description gets used for your band that you would most
like to correct people on? Why?
We love hearing fan’s interpretations of our music and we’ve gotten everything from similarities to Dance Gavin Dance to Coheed and Cambria. We don’t think there is a correct way to label our music but at our heart we are a rock band with pop and r&b influence. We try to create a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

What’s your favorite thing about being an Orlando band? What's your least favorite? Why?
We love being an Orlando band for its many opportunities. Orlando is huge and alive, there’s always something going on musically everyday and that leads to a lot of great opportunities for us. Unfortunately for us there’s so much amazing talents out there. Haha. It makes it somewhat of a competition with all the other locals. Because we respect each other and the music, it’s a friendly competition. We feel like it’s an unspoken push we all give each other as local bands.

Any big news to share?
We have HUGE news! We recently collaborated with The Audio Compound to record two new singles. We’re very excited to be jamming these new songs and showing our friends our progress as a band. So make sure you’re following us to keep up with updates!
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