Movie: Guess Who

Our Rating: 3.00

Bernie Mac + Ashton Kutcher = big box office. The two comedic actors create a chemistry that hold together this race-reversed remake of the Sidney Poitier classic Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? This time around, Mac's character has a daughter (the exquisite Zoë Saldaña) who brings home a white boy (Kutcher) on the same weekend that Mac and his wife (Judith Scott) are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Mac comes on ridiculously strong as the protective father (the role's not much of a stretch from his TV sitcom), even insisting that he and Kutcher bunk together on the rollout bed in the basement. His posturing naturally leads to problems with his wife and creates turmoil for the lovers, who had hoped to announce their engagement. The contention forces Mac and Kutcher to put their heads together for the greater family good. Like Meet the Fockers and The Pacifier, Guess Who strings together a series of comedy vignettes that grab an immediate laugh but are almost independent from the movie as a whole. It's easy on the intellect and the attention span.

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