Dwellers of The Nile

Movie: The Scorpion King

Our Rating: 3.50
those recent craptastic, cashtronic "Mummy" pictures, starring Dwayne Johnson, the current wrasslin' sensation and future action hero known as The Rock, who acquits himself admirably in his role as Mathayus, last surviving member of a clan of assassins hired by a bunch of oppressed rulers to snuff the titular malefactor's pet sorcerer, thus depriving him of his way-unfair advantage of being able to see into the future, not to mention the rest of the movie. There's a James Bond-style pre-credits action-opening and lotsa swordplay and fisticuffs, and Mr. Rock uses very few cheesy wrestling moves as he kicks ass all over the desert. Gore and the naughty body parts of the curvalicious Kelly Hu are not in sight (rating: PG-13), and the film (thankfully) moves right along. An ideal drive-in picture--if you miss some dialogue, don't sweat it. Also featuring the world's smartest movie camel

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